You’re never too old for skateboarding

A few months ago, I stupidly shattered my elbow while trying to nose grind one of the worst ledges I had ever skated.

My mistake.

After tossing and turning about skating again I bit the bullet and ventured back out on my board.

I, almost 33, still riding around on a skateboard might spark some debate as to if I’m too old for skateboarding.

Myself included.

I had been widely focused on how people would view me should I tell them I skate for a while now. I adore it. To me, the gym is straight-up fucking boring. I loathe even considering picking up a dumbbell or lifting so heavy I'm just fucking sore for the week ahead. Of course, I understand the necessity of the gym but it doesn’t hold weight with who I am.

“Once a skater always a skater.”

This common phrase is thrown around within the skate community and for all the right reasons. There's been a slight change within the skateboard industry. Those who had given up skating years ago are now reconnecting with skateboarding and rekindling their childhood passions.

Skateboarding does have a stigma attached to it. The general public views it as a kid's sport but any skater would know it’s so much more than that. Surfing is an acceptable sport for all ages yet its b side skateboarding does not get the same gratification, why?

Luckily the skateboarding community is one of the most accepting communities going.

Skateboarders have a great aspect of respecting and encouraging any who skates. Surfing on the other hand is the complete opposite. A closed gate community, about as welcoming as a bed of nails lit on fire by Satan's piss, and of course, forever competitive.

Skateboarding has always looked after its own and eagerly respects those who are older and still love to skate.

These days, I find myself skating with people of all ages at the skate park. Generally speaking, I tend to fit on the younger side of the average age of those skating at my local park and I appreciate every part of it.

I love watching people skate, period. For some reason, I get stoked when I see someone older than me going to the skatepark. A beautiful reminder to fuck the social norms and keep to your passions.

As I am getting older, I realise that life is way too short to be forced into an air-conditioned room trying to beat your personal best on the squat rack that no one gives a shit about.

Skateboarding is creative, and fulfilling, and holds no age limit.

The outside world may have its own divided opinion but within the walls of the skateboarding community, once a skater always a skater.

The message is this if you want to skate, go skate. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 30s, 40’s, or even 50’s and looking to start.

Believe me, you will know if skateboarding is for you.

Look outside the social status of what's acceptable and do what you find fucking fun. Life's too short to sit on ‘what if?’

To even think I was going to quit after breaking my arm was a ridiculous thought. I knew one way or another skateboarding would reconnect in my life once again.

I certainly know what value skateboarding holds for me and holds truth within myself and my core values.

Of course, I work a Monday to Friday office job but that doesn’t mean skateboarding can’t be within my life. It is always important to separate yourself from work when you’re not being paid.

You can easily be the corporate professional 9 – 5 and the guy who shreds their local park every evening!

If you’re thinking about picking up the board either for the first time or rekindling your childhood passions, just remember slamming hurts as you get older.

You'll need to stretch before and after any skate sessions. There will be kids who will be better than you. Your back may hinge or gain a trapped nerve if you land incorrectly.

The most important thing to remember is that skateboarding is skateboarding and by having fun you're contributing to it.