Wild Yak Review

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

New country, new ales! We’ve had Canadian ales (miss ya Filthy Dirty IPA), Cornish ales, and now it's time to sample some Australian ales. Forget your XXXX, fuck your Toohey’s New, let's try the latest ale making its mark around Australia; Wild Yak.

Wild Yak is brewed under the Matilda Bay Brewing Company which was created in 1984 in Fremantle, WA. Over the years the company has gone through some changes and eventually created Wild Yak in 2016. Wild Yak is the third beer to be produced following Fat Yak and Lazy Yak respectively. Good things take time and this beer proves it, after its release, the new brew went on to become the fastest-selling craft beer in Australian history, delighting drinkers with its blend of new world hops and tropical aromas.

This ale prides itself as a Pacific pale ale, bursting with a tropical aroma of melon and passionfruit. It is clear in colour and is brewed using Melba, Galaxy and Cascade hops from the Yakima Valley. Looking at the design of the bottle, it's colourful, eye-catching, and simple. The logo and colour scheme work well together, using a shade of aqua/blue colour gives the impression this ale itself is going to be tropical!

Let’s talk about the taste. Honestly, there are not enough hops. Sure, you get the tropical aromas in both taste and smell, however, the aftertaste is watery. Don’t be fooled, this is still a great tasting ale and is certainly refreshing on a hot Australian summer’s day! Maybe we’ve been spoilt for choice in the past this beer just needs that little extra kick of hops in its aftertaste.

This beer sits at 4.2%, a little on the lighter side. This is common with Australian beers which makes it a perfect day session ale for sure. This is the perfect ale for those all-day sessions in the sun, it won't leave you bloated or feeling sick. with a lower percentage, you’ll wake up feeling fresh the next day as compared to some of the stronger beers located in Canada. One massive let down is the price, although Australia is renown for being expensive, a box of this stuff takes the biscuit at $58 for 24 345ml bottles.

It's no secret, the Aussies like to put back the beer. Wild Yak reflects that within its ale, its light, refreshing and can be easily drunk in large quantities. Don’t be put off by the idea with the watery aftertaste, this ale is one of the best Australia has to offer. If you're looking for a good session drink, this is it. Get your snags on the barbie, invite the boys over, and have a good ole piss up!

Overall rating 7/10


Refreshing taste

Great design

Perfect session beer



Needs more hops