Brewdog Review

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Let’s get one thing straight – I’ve been in love with Brewdog since it made it’s way to the South West and Punk IPA has been quenching my thirst for many years! I even made a pilgrimage to Camden once in the days when Punk IPA on tap were as rare as a polar bear in Leicester Square! Since the days of having just a bottle of Punk IPA on the shelves in Cornwall as our only choice from Brewdog, we now have a lot of flavours and choices to choose from; session IPAs, Pilsners, Alchohol Free, straight up lagers and some fruity numbers in bottle and can forms as well as wallet-friendly Wetherspoons selling Punk IPA on tap for under £4!

So as an excuse to drink three bottles of Brewdog I bought; Punk IPA (of course), Dead Pony Club and Elvis Juice.

Punk IPA

Punk IPA is the beer where it all began for Brewdog. Punks tend to stand out from the crowd and go against the grain of the norm and that’s what I felt about this beer when I first tasted it. There’s a lot going on! There’s bitterness, hopiness that then meets fruitful flavours with bursts of citrus.

Brewdog’s flagship IPA is light and easy to drink despite its spikiness and punches of different flavours. Once you get a few sips in it is an absolute joy to drink. Perfect to drink outdoors when the sun is shining.

Dead Pony Club

This is not an entry level IPA! The hops, as Brewdog say “kick like a mule” and you’ve got to know you want, the almost, sweet and sour taste associated with a lot of hops to make this choice. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea.

There’s a deeper, darker flavor to this than it’s punkier counterpart and that could be down to the toasted malty flavor that runs through this.

Its low percentage makes it a great session IPA but Dead Pony Club will definitely divide opinion.

Elvis Juice

Open up the bottle and smell the big hunk o’ of grapefruit. This IPA stands apart from the two above and I think is an example of how Brewdog honed their IPA brewing skills. First time I tried it I was all shook up with a suspicious mind that my head was being turned from punk to rock…jailhouse rock?

This is a very level IPA, not too hoppy and with fruity flavours of grapefruit and orange with the summery blast of American hops and a caramel malt giving it body to help stand it up against the others.

…and the winner is…

Elvis Juice. I couldn’t help falling in love with Punk IPA but if I was to have a beer in the ghetto town where live tonight and I was faced by these three IPAs on tap, I’d choose the honky tonk man himself.

Overall rating 9/10


Grapefruit & orange intensity

Summery hops

Caramel malt


Citrus flavours divide a crowd