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Weezer Blue Album - 27 Today

My first "proper" experience of Weezer was when Zane Lowe replayed their 2002 Reading Festival set and I immediately thought they were a "better live band." I recorded it on tape, pausing every time Zane Lowe spoke to try and make it seamless, you kids don't know the struggle.

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That live energy that I noticed comes through in abundance in their debut album, eponymously titled by fans as the Blue Album. I can't really believe the album is so old, I would have been nine when it came out. I was probably about sixteen when I discovered Weezer, feeling like an outsider in a group of outsiders, socially awkward and kinda nerdy; Weezer were my sound.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Weezer manage to capture the sound of nostalgia on this album.

The best place to start is probably Buddy Holly. The video features the band performing at "Arnold's Drive-In" from Happy Days and it was a bit of a foot-up to success for the band and indeed Spike Jonze, who directed the video. It's more uplifting and less quirky and melancholic than other stand out tracks on the album.

The video was nominated for and won multiple awards and features all your favourites from a show that epitomises the sixties and seventies...and please...try the fish...

My Name Is Jonas is the album-opener and one of my favourite Weezer songs, incredible live. As a first track it kicks like a mule. This song, as well as Surf Wax America, are just fun. The latter was written as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek song but has become kind of anthemic and is inspired by how the Beach Boys just wrote songs about surfing. Armed with that knowledge, it's easy to tell.

So those are the uplifting nostalgic tracks, how about some downers? Rivers Coumo, Weezer and fans like me, we just don't belong. But onto that in a minute. First, it's Say it Aint So which is about a link Rivers made that his Mother and Father's marriage ended due to the alcoholism of his Father and he feared his Mother's new marriage could go the same way, good god Rivers, please let me hug you. It will be awkward as hell but I just want to comfort you.

Secondly in these downers, and last on the album and this blog, is Only in Dreams. I say downer but it actually gives people like me a sense of belonging. Written by Rivers seemingly about fantasising about being with a girl, but, "Only in dreams" whereas Coumo states it's about his artistic process. Art is about interpretation, right?

Only in Dreams, for me, was a segway into a epic slow builds that I'd later get into. So for that I guess the Blue Album is embedded into my musical HTML.

Great album, great band. Still equally as weird as ever and for that I'll always feel at home when listening to Weezer.

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