We Tried Bae Juice Twice. Here’s an Honest Review

Just before Christmas, I was stumbling through the endless feed on Facebook when I noticed an article originally published by Lad Bible that was worthy of my attention.

“Bae Juice Is Your Ticket to Avoiding Those Gross Hangover Mornings”

A headline as boasted as this was very appealing to me as coming up to the Christmas holidays, I knew there would be a few nights/days of consuming one too many drinks in awe of the festive season. It’s no secret that I suffer from hangovers at a far larger rate than the average human being. I took the plunge and decided to read the article to unleash its hidden secret in preventing a hangover.

The secret, Bae Juice.

Bae Juice, created by Tim O’Sullivan from Melbourne has been on the market since 2019. After a trip to Korea Tim realised that the locals were drinking pear juice (pear pronounced Bae in Korean) while consuming alcohol as it is believed to prevent hangovers altogether. Tim took the idea back to Australia and started his own company selling juice packets containing 100% squeezed Korean pears. The idea of Bae Juice is simple before consumption of alcohol consume a Bae Juice and go about your evening. From there the Korean pear should slow down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream and thus prevent a hangover.

I couldn’t believe my luck, after trying all sorts of different methods had I found the holy grail? I bought some at the local supermarket for a somewhat reasonable $4 apiece, for there's no price on preventing a hangover after all. I was having some midday office drinks as we celebrated the closing of the office for 2021. I packed my Bae Juice and consumed it half an hour before my first beverage. I am not going to lie the taste of the juice itself was satisfying but that was not the reason I was invested in this miracle. As the afternoon went on, I consumed a few beers throughout the afternoon a maximum of 8 at best, safe in the knowledge that’s tomorrow's hangover would be non-existent.

I woke up feeling like shit.

The next day I woke up and it was beyond evident that I had a few drinks the day prior. Even with falling asleep by 7 pm the day prior. I woke up and almost convinced myself my hangover was worse than usual. The day dragged on as did the guilt and shame but nothing cut more than the betrayal and false promises Bae Juice had promised to deliver.

As I spent the next few days trying to feel human again Christmas day had arrived. I had another spare Bae Juice in the fridge and thought to myself ‘Worth another shot I suppose’. I downed my Bae Juice before consuming a few light beverages with my wife throughout Christmas day, by light I am talking 6 beers spread out over 7 hours.

Still woke up feeling like shit.

The Bae Juice I had consumed had done nothing, literally nothing. I felt cheated knowing I had had my fingers burnt twice. With that in mind I can honestly say that not from just one personal experience but two, Bae Juice is nothing more than a wishful almost plausible myth. I am genuinely gutted that my hopes of finding a cure were not answered. The concept, marking etc., are great and I cannot fault that. The final product just didn’t deliver.

If you are looking for a tasty/refreshing fruit juice at a slight extra expense then by all means purchase Bae Juice, you won't be disappointed. If you believe this truly might be the cure for all cures, it's going to let you down.

While I wish Tim and everyone all the best at Bae Juice, I am quite surprised it has been allowed to be advertised as a drink to ease hangovers. In truth, it should be advertised as fruit juice that may or not prevent a hangover depending on several factors including alcohol tolerance, beverage consumption etc., guaranteed 50:50 results.

Well, that is the price I pay for believing in Lad Bible and their 'honest journalism'.

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