Travel Notes | Walkabout Creek

Walkabout Creek is situated roughly Northwest of Brisbane. This scenic area holds a wildlife centre, hiking trails, and a reservoir suitable for swimming and water sports such as canoeing and paddleboarding. The creek is easily accessible by both car and public transport and includes free parking. Aside from hikes, Walkabout Creek also has bike trails with equipment available for hire.

The Walkabout Creek Facility was opened in 1988 as a wildlife expo and tea house. Today there is a wildlife centre opened to the public. Expect plenty of parking as there are several car parks. The walk to the creek is easy and takes less than 5 minutes, there’s limited space for sitting/bathing so get in early!

The creek itself looks safe enough to swim in, the water is murky so don’t expect crystal blue waters you would find at the ocean. Swimming is limited to a certain area, however, canoeing and paddleboarding have a separate entrance and can go wherever they please along the creek. Be warned, several people fish along the creek, so just be wary of fishing lines, etc.

The hikes around the creek are decent, easily signposted, and should take you around 45 minutes to an hour to complete. If you think the hike goes all along the creek, you would be wrong. The Enoggera Reservoir hike takes a loop around the forest, it’s easy to think you’re not on the right path. Don’t panic, eventually you’ll know where you are. There are hardly any crowds on the hike, there are also plenty of stops to sit and take in the view.

There’s plenty of wildlife along the hike, aside from the usual bird whistles rustling through the trees, be sure to keep an eye out for turtles along the water's edge. Expect a few snakes and spiders while hiking, but these are harmless. Keep an eye out for koalas as they roam the area too.

Walkabout Creek is one of the few treasures Brisbane offers for free. The crowds are small. The hikes are amazing, and an awesome way to spend your Sunday. Whatever you’re into, Walkabout Creek has got you covered. Another highlight to mention is that Walkabout Creek is located close to Mount Coot-tha so if you're visiting Brisbane for only a few days you can knock both out of the park in one trip.