Travel Notes | The Perilous Venture to Mount Mee

Travel Notes simply wouldn’t be Travel Notes if we didn’t throw in a mountain or two once in a while. Beaches are fun. Quirky villages are memorable. Without a doubt, views from mountains are just something else entirely. Granted, there are many to choose from when it comes to Australia. Most people visiting Brisbane slip through the crowds and venture to Mount Coot-Tha. Although the view is great! The crowds can dampen the experience. Get out further and explore one of the best views north of Brisbane; Mount Mee.

Don’t be surprised at all to expect a few near head-on collisions or road-raged Aussies overtaking you

Mount Mee lies just one hour north of Brisbane, situated in Moreton Bay. The mountain offers dramatic views overlooking Moreton Bay, stretching from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast. The lookout is perfect for those wanting to view all of the Glass Mountains. Perfect for sunrise, sunset, and for those just wanting to take a day trip to the town itself.

Let’s be real, the drive is somewhat chaotic. Heading from Brisbane you have to drive up the mountain to get to the viewpoint. The road leading to the lookout is 80 kph all the way, combine this with no barriers on the side of the road to stop cars from falling down the cliff, it’s a risky drive but one that offers stunning views along the way. Don’t be surprised at all to expect a few near head-on collisions or road-raged Aussies overtaking you whilst you stick to the speed limit.

The view itself is impressive, and certainly one of the best views Moreton Bay has to offer, and parking is free but limited. The best time to visit would be during the week, as this ensures fewer visitors, plenty of parking and time to appreciate the view without feeling the need to just snap and run. There are also picnic benches and seats if you wanted to make a meal out of the experience.

What else is there to say? If you are looking for one the best viewpoints outside of Brisbane without travelling for hours, then Mount Mee is probably your best bet. The lookout offers great views on the Glass Mountains from a different perspective other than the Bruce Hwy. If you are looking for a quick trip or making a day out of it, there are also hiking trails located nearby including the 1km Piccabeen, 3 to 4 hour Somerset Trail, and the 13km circuit through the scribbly gum with views of the Somerset Dam.

Dahmongah Lookout Park,

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