Travel Notes | Noosa

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Multi-million dollar homes worthy only for the rich, wealth is high and the restaurants cater to those of high society. The streets in this fragment of Australia are lined with designer and jewellery shops, you will find no souvenirs here. The views are unreal and the lifestyle extravagant, the burning sun rises and sets every day in this piece of paradise. The common folk slave away in their hospitality jobs, serving either tourists or its wealthy inhabitants to enjoy the riches within. Tranquil in looks but so fucking obvious in its social status, this is unfortunately Noosa.

Located roughly three hours north of Brisbane, the drive alone is worthy of a mention in this article. The Glass House Mountains, Mooloolaba, Eumundi, and Mount Tinbeerwah are worth exploring as you head into Noosa. Noosa Heads has remained a popular tourist attraction since the 1890s. The town's tourism exponentially grew shortly after the Second World War. This resonates today with most of the tourist accommodation and cafes filling the waterfront. Noosa is no stranger to upheavals between developers and locals wanting to preserve the town. As it currently stands, no new homes can be built in Noosa to keep the town from becoming overpopulated. Many properties that are purchased are knocked down and rebuilt to loophole the situation.

In a nutshell, this place is fucking beautiful. Forget the social classes and boutique influence on this town and just know it is fucking beautiful! The beaches alone are worth the visit, regardless if you are into surfing or not, but if you are, you are going to be spoilt for choice. The three most popular spots include Noosa Bar and Noosa Heads Main Beach for your beginner to novice surfers and Sunshine Beach for the more advanced surfer. Main Beach and Noosa Bar are tourist hotspots, so expect the crowds. Sunshine Beach is vast and allows surfers to enjoy their own space with little to no crowds on most days.

For the explorers out there, there is a lot on offer. With Noosa National Park located right on the edge of Noosa, it's impossible to not explore and find some hidden treasures. A few mentions include Fairy Pools and Hell’s Gates, as a popular destination to see whales swimming in the bay, at the right time of year of course. A lookout worth checking is Laguna Lookout, and if you're feeling lazy, don’t sweat it as you can drive straight to the top. The panoramic views overlooking Noosa are some of the best views you will come across. It's worth checking out the dog beach located in the Noosa Spit Recreation Reserve. Even if you don’t have a pet, the clear waters and scenic views equipped with fewer crowds is a rarity hidden within Noosa.

Noosa has something for everyone. It accommodates, somewhat, to all social statuses. Looking for great surf? Noosa. Want to see some Humpback Whales? Noosa. Are you waking up in your million dollar waterfront home and want to flaunt your cash on high-end pieces of crap? Noosa. Granted most shops, restaurants, and bars are located on one strip, but compacting everything together works well in this situation. A week in Noosa would get boring very easily plus potentially pricey, but for a weekend away, Noosa’s got you covered.