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Travel Notes | Deep Cove

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Vancouver has some pretty awesome locations to experience. Although it is a city with a current population of nearly 3 million and growing, it's easy to escape city life in just a 20 minute drive. North Vancouver has some nice day getaways to escape the busyness of the city. A popular location for its scenic views, great food and waters sports is Deep Cove.

Located 13km (8.1 mi) from downtown Vancouver, Deep Cove or Deepwater as it was previously known, has been a popular summer resort for residents since the 1910’s. Population grew during the 60’s and 70’s after the completion of the Second Narrows Bridge. Today, Deep Cove continues to draw locals and tourists from the city and neighboring Cove Cliff, Dollarton, Parkgate, Indian Arm and Woodlands areas.

Deep Cove is located east within the district of North Vancouver. Easily accessible by car which takes roughly 20 minutes, you can take public transport from downtown however it can take over an hour. Parking is easily accessible but does get busy during the weekend and summer months. The bus stops are only a quick 5-minute walk from the shops located at Deep Cove.

The views of Deep Cove are unreal and a main focus for visiting. On a sunny day it's hard to believe that you are close to Vancouver. Surrounded by blue waters and mountains, the jetty provides the perfect backdrop to your Instagram post. Its worth noting to check out the short walks towards the right of Deep Cove as they provide less crowds and a different view equipped with millionaire houses to be envious of.

Water sports are a big thing here, if it's paddle boarding, kayaking or just swimming it is easily available and at a good price for rental. Deep Cove Outdoors is open all year round and is perfect for those wanting to explore further along the cove. Another reason to visit is hiking, Deep Cove has some of the best hikes including the popular spot of Quarry Rock which offers spectacular views looking over the mountains. It is best to arrive early as Quarry Rock does get busy especially in summer months so it may be best to watch a sunrise or sunset to get the best experience.

Credit Luna Blue Photography

Although there are plenty of restaurants and cafes serving a variety of food, by far one of the most popular spots is Honey Doughnuts & Goodies. This locally owned and operated restaurant is a must when visiting. All homemade and freshly prepared throughout the day, Honey doughnuts are by far some of the best doughnuts available with a nice variety to choose from. Do not be put off by the line extending outside the shop and down the street, you will not be disappointed.


So, if you're visiting Vancouver be sure to check out Deep Cove, it’s beautiful. Nicely settled just outside the city and a good day break to be surrounded by nature. Be sure to stock up on doughnuts and pick the best times to avoid the crowds while out hiking. For more information on kayak rentals and Honey Doughnuts & Goodies follow the links below.

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