#travel Has Lost its Sense of Direction

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Here’s the nitty-gritty. The vent and frustration. Perhaps the start of slowly turning into our dads. While the world is at a standstill, the floods of travel-related posts seem to be consistent. Daily, the internet is getting hounded with posts that no longer have anything remotely related to travel. Travel is now being used more than a vanity tag rather than a useful resource to show what planet earth has on offer.

Here’s a question.

When the fuck did #travel lose its sense of meaning?

Influencers, we are calling you out. The bullshit desire to be ‘famous’ has well and truly fucked the travel industry and created a false ideology of how we should approach travelling. The photos associated with travel are no longer about genuine experiences shared with a community. Today’s travel is littered with advertisements, professional photos, and those who consider themselves worthy of such experiences. Experiences only now worthy for the rich.

The budget traveller is fading, the appeal of packing a bag and living on next to nothing is becoming more of a punishment than an opportunity. Travelling was once sought after on a budget, the long bus journeys, hostels, and a diet comprising mainly of rice. Today the common travel community focuses on luxury travel in the form of 5-star hotels, business or first-class seats, and on the rare occasion a shot worthy of travel status but with the latest bamboo product just to flog an advert.

The true art of travel is dying or nearly dead. The younger generation is more inspired by the ‘influencer’ lifestyle and seek the ill-minded riches. The overcast of social media has overtaken the unspoilt experience of having both the bad and the good to appreciate when you have struck gold.

There are supposed to be hard times when on the road, it’s called life. Social media hides that in every way shape or form, as does its creator. There has to be the bad to appreciate the good. Feeling lost within a brand-new city. Getting ripped off at the local markets. Driving for miles not knowing if you’re going the right direction. Missing your flight. It all adds to the experience. Social media and influencers are exposing a new type of travel that not only is expensive and luxurious but in the real world, not achievable to the working class. The stream of posts is misleading the next generation of travellers, sucking them into a whirlpool of if it isn’t extravagant then it isn’t considered travel. This is far from the truth.

Let’s not hide the fact that posts associated with travel are trying to sell you something or to flaunt one’s physical physique. I get it, adverts get you paid and you can continue your journey as an ‘influencer’, but fuck, it was never about travel to begin with, just proof that a company has you wrapped around their finger. Add in the ridiculous amounts of half-naked twats with their arms pointing out either side acting like they were caught off guard, no mate, we know you are tensing. It's embarrassing/awkward and for those who like these sorts of posts are probably fans of Love Island. If there is a label for this type of traveller, it is ‘the douche’.

If there is anything to take away from this rant it should be this, you're wise enough to make your decisions on how you want to consume the #travel. As it currently stands it is a shit storm that holds little to no weight in the travel industry. It’s a game of vanity. It’s the ‘my life is better than yours’ attitude. It’s more of an advert than an opportunity. Let us hope the next generation see through the murky waters and use #travel for it really is about, travel!