Trash Panda review

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Credit: Parallel 49

Oi oi Saveloy, with February in full spring after a slight detox, it seemed fitting to continue in finding an ale worthy of being named champion, what’s the prize? As of right now not a whole lot, maybe a sword taped from empty cans scattered around the city, any takers? It’s fun drinking and writing about it.

It's been mentioned slightly in a previous review but another strong contender is the Trash Panda by Parallel 49 based in Vancouver. A Northeast style hazy IPA containing huge amounts of hops guaranteeing to give the consumer a hoppy experience. As the Filthy Dirty IPA had the purple can, the Trash Panda has a green design with a bloody cheeky Racoon holding some fish bones and drinking some form of beverage from the trash can (probably the Artisan IPA). Full disclaimer, I may have been a little harsh with Parallel 49’s design in my first review, now I’m starting to see the whole set and theme, it works really well. Trash Panda is currently at 5.5% which is perfect for those day drinking sessions or just for those who don’t want to be a wreck after a few on a night out.

The ale itself is light and cloudy, Parallel 49 sure know how to deliver on their bold flavors, with the crack of a cold one there is an aroma of tropical fruits. Upon taste there is melon and pear which is just refreshing and combined with powerful hops it's energetic but not too over powering. Although the Trash Panda does not have as much hops as other contenders there is enough for it to hold its own. A personal highlight is the fact that English yeast is used when producing this ale, good ole English and all that jazz.

A highlight of this ale is the fact its lower in percentage than what we have tried in the past, it's suitable and perhaps acceptable to drink a whole pack and know you won’t be “that guy” at the party. For all you light heads out there who want to restore your honor and see through the entire night, then this one is for you. There is a huge difference in both taste and style in what Parallel 49 is offering us in terms of ale, when compared to the Filthy Dirty IPA they are both totally different experiences.

There was some hesitance about trying out this ale, I know what I like and I stick to it, well today I get to eat (or drink) those words, this ale is up there in both craftsmanship and taste. Overall the taste and experience took me in a whole new direction to what I am used to, in a good way. Rest assured knowing you will decrease your chances of suffering a full self-loathing hangover with its lower percentage whilst enjoying a fully hopped ale. Available in individual 473ml cans or as a 355ml 6 pack, I said it once and I’ll say it again, thanks Parallel 49 you win yet again.

Overall rating 9/10


Fruity taste

Clean on the palate

English yeast

Perfect for light weights


It took me this long to try one