Toronto or Lust

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Toronto which is known as the “New York” of Canada is by far one of the best cities I have ever visited, a wonder of culture and flawless style topped with Canadian nurture, a week spent finding the city really caught the imagination. Flying in fresh from Iceland, landing in January at 7pm once customs was cleared navigation from the airport to our Air B&B was daunting to say the least. Coming from a seaside background the city and its size really ignited the reality I’ve been living in a perfect bubble sheltered in what the world has become. A few wrong stops later and we arrive at our home for the week, the flat is a basement but with the luxury of a hotel, modern and relaxing.

The sun is shining and we just missed the -30 temperatures but it’s still fresh, we head into the city via the subway to check out downtown. The architecture is high enough to give you vertigo looking up, the streets are crowded with the rush of the modern day, the steam venting from the sewers these are things I’ve only seen in movies. Taking our time to check out the sights we head towards city hall, out the front is an ice rink which has to be one of the most Canadian things ever witnessed. Sipping Starbucks and walking towards the CNN tower my senses are just in overload, the tower itself floats high above Toronto offering panoramic views of the city, for a price of course. We head back to our B&B located in the suburb of Woodbine located in East Toronto, for a city there's an element of calm and safety not usually associated with cities.

Kensington market is for certain a must do when visiting the city, based on the west end of Toronto it is home to some of the coolest shops, coffee and food. Weekend visits are busy but with a friendly nature, while walking around we were greeted with a “have an awesome day” from a Rasta going about his day. We are shown a coffee shop simply titled Voodoo Child, the interior is vintage framed with simplicity being the shops main focus. Aside from choosing your own coffee beans the deluxe method of brewing takes time to prepare but worth it, without a doubt the best coffee I’ve ever been privileged to with the best logo on a coffee cup. We walk around for food and find ourselves at the most packed taco shop I have ever seen; the queue extends up the road. After the wait we get our tacos and it was worth the wait, a mouth-watering vegetarian cactus and black bean taco really was beyond my expectations.

Exploring the city your find yourself at the Casa Roma, a building that suits out of place to the city but crafted in beautiful architecture. Serving as one of the oldest buildings of the city it is open to the public but for a price. Exploring the outside is free and sits high on the city so provides a beautiful view of the city extending to the horizon. Towards our final few days left in the city we explore the distillery district, packed with art, bars and restaurants in a restored (you guessed it) distillery. The distillery has some amazing samples for you to try as well as interesting history on both the city and location.

Leaving the city at 5 am and heading over to Vancouver, we set up an Uber to pick us up and take us to the airport. The drive through the city at night was incredible, the skyline lights up and becomes evident that Toronto is also the city that never sleeps. Airport security is still pretty strict for domestic flying within the country, we get through security with ease and neck coffee ready for the next flight. Overall Toronto really is a great city, a week personally just wasn’t enough to really get a feel for everything it has to offer but the experience was eye opening to see how the Canadians really do it.