Tis the season for giving back

While we recognize and understand that you should give back all year round, as it currently stands there will be 280,000 people homeless on Christmas Day in the UK alone. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our worlds we forget about others or simply feel like we have nothing to offer to those in need, that is not the case. Many different charities believe that simply giving those living on the street's money puts them in a vicious cycle that can be hard to break. There are ways of giving back at Christmas which involve more than just handing spare change to the person with their hand out.

Donate Money to a charity

As the saying goes, 'every little helps' obviously you're not expected to hand over a month's wages, just a little here and there especially to food banks can guarantee a hot meal for someone over the Christmas period. With most food banks funded purely on donations in either food or money, it's a nice and easy way to give back since most charities accept donations online. Below are links to food banks based in Cornwall, Vancouver, and Brisbane.







Donate new and used items

Got that jumper for Christmas you secretly hate? No problem just donate it to charity. There are plenty of clothing bins dotted here, there, and everywhere. Forget trying to sell on Facebook market, it's full of absolute weirdos. Instead, have a clear out of clothes you're not wearing anymore and just pop them in a clothing bin, some charities will even come and collect your new or used goods.


Nothing says giving back to your community more than giving up some of your time to help those in need. Most charities, food banks, etc. only require a few hours a week. Sounds cliché but it's a great way to try something new, meet new people, and gain valuable experience. Most charities have a volunteer section on their website.

Hand out warm clothing directly to the homeless

There are those that go out around Christmas time handing out socks, gloves, etc. to the homeless. Although it could seem expensive, it is an inexpensive way to help out, especially if you buy from charity shops, killing two birds with one stone.

Buy a meal

This one is easy, next time you find yourself at a coffee shop or McDonald's, buy an extra coffee or burger and give it to those in need. You'll be surprised at the gratitude you will experience from such a simple act.

Have a chat

Sometimes people are not looking for handouts, they just want to connect with society. It is not unusual for those living on the streets to go for hours/days without engaging with other people. A simple "How's it going?" can go a long way, treat others how you want to be treated and all that jazz.

From all of us at Part Wild Collective we wish you a Merry Christmas, be warm, be safe, & enjoy precious time with both family and friends!