Things I want to do for my health but am too bone idle to stick with!

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

As we all as know, the internet is awash with blog after video after article after interview after vlog after more blogs of what we all “should be doing” to make ourselves the (cue vomit-inducing cliché…)“best version of ourselves.” Every now and then a video or blog will stick around in my wondering mind and I’ll annoy my wife with the idea of carrying out this plan, and it forever remains just that; an idea.

Lets put me into some sort of context for you. I’m 34, married, five foot five, about 154 pounds and I could do with shedding some fat but I’m by no means a horrible mess. I’m not sedentary but I’d also say I’m not a gym freak. I sometimes go to the gym but I don’t go hard and I prefer going home.

Things I have tried and been reasonably committed to are vegetarianism (I think I lasted about three months) and the ketogenic diet. When I was vegetarian I felt awful after a while. I wasn’t really replacing meat but more importantly I wasn’t replacing the nutrients provided and I should imagine a couple of simple supplements would’ve amended this.

The Ketogenic attempt deserves its own paragraph (maybe even two or three!). We need to get one thing straight before we talk keto; I FRIKKIN LOVE CARBS. Carbs are incredible; pizza, burgers housed in two sections of wonderfully crafted carbs, donuts, biscuits, crisps, chips (or fries if you’re reading from not England) even blooming bananas, apples, melons and other things we’d consider healthy are just loaded with carbs, lovely lovely carbs.

I’d say I stayed on the ketogenic diet for around three months (I see a pattern developing!) and I started the first day by replacing oats with bacon, spinach and eggs for breakfast. Not bad, not bad at all. In fact I got on a bit of a roll and one week in I was beginning to feel more alert, awake, full of energy and perhaps there was an ability to access a bit more of my brain. I’m not talking Bradley Cooper Limitless but I am talking way more organized with my memory and generally being a more productive person.

So why stop it? Well it seems I hit a three-month plateau where all things I try come crashing down around me. Vegetarianism was destroyed by a hangover after a wedding and a buffet full of bacon, sausages and hogs pudding, while I think the ketogenic diet was derailed by Dominos (DAMN YOU!). At this point in each diet I just went hell for leather on meat and carbs respectively.

I got married at the end of August after eating and gymming pretty well for a year, we had our mini-moon and then came the kind of deflating “meh” feeling after a wedding where there’s nothing to look forward to so my wife and I started drinking all the Prosecco and champagne bought for us while eating like pigs quite frankly.

What’s next then? I have the Freeletics and Eat This Much apps and I plan on utilizing them a lot while doing some weights 2-3 times a week to add the cardio from jogging and HIIT training videos. I’d love to try Ketogenic again so in October I’m going to try this again and I’m going to use the Eat This Much app to aid me with this. October may also be a “sober” month but to be honest this is a bit of a by-product of the keto diet and the following…

I’m 24 hours into “no added sugar” and so far I’m feeling pretty lively, I’ve had a run and I’m going to play this by ear when it comes to running it alongside the ketogenic diet.

Looking further ahead I would love to give full time veganism a go (I have many meat free days) and the paleo diet is certainly an interesting idea, it just sounds like a very difficult side-step from keto.

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