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Galaxie 500 | They’ve Been Around for Ages

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts Galaxie 500 had a short but impressionable music career as a band. Formed in 1987 guitarist Dean Wareham, drummer Damon Krukowski and bassist Naomi Yang had met at the Dalton School in New York City in 1981, but began playing together during their time as students at Harvard University. Inspired by The Velvet Underground, Spaceman 3 and Jonathan Richman the indie rock group formed their name after a Ford Galaxie 500.

In 1988 the band released their debut album titled, Today, through the Aurora label. After a tour around the UK the band released their second album in 1989 titled, On Fire, through Rough Trade. On Fire reached number 7 in the UK indie chart, the album was not so well received back in the US. Upon releasing their third album titled, This Is Our Music, the band split up in the spring of 1991 after a lengthy American tour.

All 3 members of the group perused different projects and never reformed. The band did however release a DVD titled, Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste, in 2004. In 2010 Dean Wareham announced the tour “Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500” setting aside from his band Luna, he played only Galaxie 500 songs.

So where to start with Galaxie 500? Today is a powerful debut album however for new listeners it is best to check out On Fire. The album feels timeless in itself and very relate able to today’s music scene, the opening track “Blue Thunder” sets the tone for what the listener will experience through out the album. “Strange” also holds its own in this album and is a stand out from the rest of the tracks, also included is a cover of George Harrisons “Isn’t It A Pity”.

Galaxie 500, although their career was short lived they did manage to release 3 albums which are still being talked about today. There is no doubt that Indie bands of 2018 are still using the trio as an influence, some similarities include M83 for certain. As the title suggests they have been around for ages, but have left their impression for decades.

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