The Splash 109 - Say Goodbye to Free Surf Webcams

Remember a time before surf cams when you headed to the beach based on nothing more than sheer luck?

For the inexperienced chart reader surfing was purely based on chance. If you were lucky a friend would let you know of the decent swell or you called your local surf shop and they filled you in.

The good old days

Technology had its way and made it possible for surfers to ‘know before you go’ by setting up webcams all over the world's most popular surf spots. Originally, these heavily pixelated images of distortion allowed surfers to gain some idea of how their local break was forming.

Then came along Magic Seaweed

Although I believe its original intentions were good, Magic Seaweed is a crock of shit. From faking surf charts to overcharging its customers to see a 14-day overview, it adopted a new mechanic to attract surfers all around the world.

Surf webcams

I’ll be the first to admit I am a sucker for the old surf cam. Cutting out the will it or will it not decent surf conditions definitely helps in the long run as the current surf forecast apps are never accurate. Checking out the surf cams every Saturday morning allows me to utilise my time appropriately and plan my day according to the surf.

Over the past few years, a few competitors have been in the firing line including Surfline which in my opinion served as the stronger competitor in forming a somewhat accurate surf report. Surfline use to have the advantage where it would give its customers a 30-second snippet of the current surf conditions given you watch an ad first.

The perfect solution, however

As of February 2022, Surfline has now decided to join Magic Seaweed and cash in their chips to make any and all surfers pay for the privilege of streaming their local break. A dick move. Costing $78.00 per year just to watch some surf cams is an unreasonable amount. Surfing is already expensive enough and now surf apps are trying their best to con surfers out of well-earned cash.

Surfline does however offer 3 surf checks every week which gets counted every time a page refreshes. A little sneaky tip is to create multiple accounts with Surfline so that you gain an extra 3 checks with every account you sign up with.

While my surf cams checks are left purely for the weekends, for now, I will rely on FB pages that check the daily conditions. For those living on the Sunshine Coast, I’ll post a link to Spinksy’s Sunshine Coast Surf Report for FREE daily reports.

Thanks, Surfine and Magic Seaweed enjoy the selling out you bunch of pricks.