The Splash 107

In this series of unhelpful, distasteful, uninformative series I’ve noticed there's been quite a lot of negativity. Through no fault other than our own. Sorry to you the reader but this is just us highlighting the raw truth of surfing.

Well no more.

I was scrolling YouTube recently. As always, I pretend, I’m busy when in reality I’m just looking for more time consumers, slight escapisms to fill that desire to stumble across something useful. As I was going through my recommendations, I came across a weird name, Kale Broccoli. Kale Broccoli? What the fuck is that? I studied the thumbnail and saw some bleached blonde hair guy doing a back carve on a skateboard. ‘The Ultimate Surf Skate Practice Routine For Surfing’ the title grabs my attention. I have 10 minutes and 55 seconds to kill, fuck, I have 10 hours and 55minutes to kill, anything to continue my task avoidance. I click the video.

Usually, with these sort of ‘help’ tutorials, I expect the ultimate cringe. The drone shot, dramatic skyline, sunrises and sunsets, all added with the ever famous ‘palm to lense’ transition technique. Although Kale did have some of those, it wasn’t too cringy. In fact, I even found out his last name wasn’t even Broccoli, how the mind boggles. In all seriousness though I watched his tutorial on a surf skate routine and continued further down the rabbit hole as I continued to explore what treasures Kale had to offer.

A few hours later and I had watched a decent amount of his videos. I came to the conclusion that of all the ‘help’ tutorials out there, Kale genuinely knows his fucking stuff and rightly so, he is a qualified surf coach. I watched a few videos of progression tips for surfing and some of the information given definitely opened my mindset and Kale leaked little hints and tips I never even thought about.

As with everything in life, there are adverts and yes Kale is trying to lure you into his online surf coaching program but it's not overwhelming. Don’t expect just the tip of the iceberg on the false promise that if you sign up for a weekly newsletter you’ll gain the rest. There's none of that. Aside from tutorial videos, there's a feature-length surf movie featuring Kale and a few travel videos as he continues to reside within his van, all worth the watch.

A few highlights definitely include ‘3 REASONS YOU SURF TOO SLOW ON A WAVE | Surfing Lesson’ ‘7 Intermediate Surfing Habits Stopping You from Progressing | & How To Fix Them’ & of course ‘The Ultimate Surf Skate Practice Routine For Surfing’. There are a lot of bullshitters out there but I genuinely don’t believe Kale is one of them. For those looking for more help and advice for progressing in their surfing aside from Chris Mills this guy has extensive knowledge worth knowing.

That’s enough spirit dick sucking for one day.