The Impact of Covid-19 on the Music Industry & How We Can Help!

The music, and indeed, the arts and culture sector has taken an absolute pummelling this year due to lockdowns, restrictions, social distancing needs and this absolute twat of a disease. I came to realise the other day that I now can’t even remember the last time I saw any form of live music.

Days of going to the pub and watching a local band, taking road trip to your closest city to see something bigger and looking forward to a summer of festivals have become almost alien to us now. Don’t give me that “watching from a pod” argument – it’s not what it was.

So how can we make sure the music industry doesn’t die a quick death and how can we get our fix?!

“There’s always a space for the arts.”

Creativity breeds art and art leads to music and we have to keep it going at grass roots level. Biffy Clyro have released a t-shirt with the slogan above to help support Create, a charity that helps empowers lives through creativity and this is really about bringing people and communities together through creativity. 100% of money raised goes to the charity. A noble cause indeed.

Live streams are becoming a thing that makes sense and there have even been some immersive events dropping you into the crowd of a rave or concert (where it is allowed), it puts a smile on ones face reminding us what live music is! With a small amount paid to join worldwide events it makes a lot of sense as it helps musicians and artists out while reminding us of what music is once again!


We can’t push this enough! Merchandise, albums, pre-order gig tickets in the hope that 2021 sees the back this bastard pandemic.

Subscribe, like, share, love or upvote. Whatever social media your favourite bands are on, just keep on loving what they do but make it known. Spread the love. It may help them reach heights where their online presence can become a monetary medium for them.

Donate money – like Create, there are also other charities to specifically support the music industry such as the Music Venue Trust and Musicians Union. There are also some streaming services that will allow you to tip.

You don’t realise what you’ve got until it’s gone, sang somebody once in a song that I can’t stand, but it’s very true. I used to love going to quirky, local venues and catching local bands and it is a community that each person is a part of and the more you go, the more you’re supporting the industry. That first gig when we're done with all this is going to be incredible, it could be Atomic Kitten for all I care. We have to find new and innovative ways to support the industry.

The longer this goes on the more realistic the risk becomes of the industry collapsing, we just can’t let that happen.