The Distillery Review

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

It’s Easter Sunday and for the first time in over 6 months I’ve managed to gain 4 days off in a row. What better way to celebrate the short-lived holidays with a bite to eat? I am not much of a brunch person; I am more of a grab and go smoothie kind of person, just for convenience. Combining breakfast and lunch is the ever-classic brunch, The Distillery is renown here in Vancouver for offering some of the best brunch in the city.

Located in the ‘hip’ area of Yaletown next to the Yaletown Round House Skytrain station, The Distillery opened in 2013 and offers modern Italian cuisine and craft cocktails. The Distillery is open from Monday to Thursdays at 4pm and on Fridays and the weekends open early for their brunch menu. The Distillery also offers vegetarian options which is a rarity for an Italian themed kitchen.

Heading up to the restaurant, there is a classic old school feel to The Distillery, with an outside area equipped with heaters. Entering the building we were instantly greeted by the staff who were friendly and very welcoming. Although we had booked a reservation, we were asked to sit wherever we like, located to the left were more private/intimate tables for two, we chose one of those. As soon as we sat down, we were given a jug of water, menus and told about today’s specials.

The interior is simple and it works so well, the colors are kept pretty simple, with mostly monochrome decoration equipped with vintage photos of Vancouver, which gives The Distillery a classic feel. The kitchen is open and looks so professional, there were 5 chefs all working together and preparing food with ease, the communication between staff was professional, overall there was clear indication that both the kitchen and the front of house staff know how to work together.

After a few minutes a waiter asks us what we would like to drink, firing off some specials including a jug of mimosa for $10! This waiter knows me all too well, sure enough it was literally a jug of cold mimosa equipped with 2 glasses, that’s bang for your buck. The menu is appealing, obviously it is mostly Italian-inspired including your classics; spaghetti, pizza etc. Brunch offers a wide variety from granola, pesto eggs and the highlight vegetarian eggs Benedict!

I order the vegetarian eggs Benedict and I’m asked how I like my eggs; with poached eggs it can only be soft. Although it was busy, we really didn’t have to wait long for our food to arrive, 15 minutes at the latest. The food arrives and the presentation was a win; a muffin split in two, mushrooms, poached eggs with a golden colored hollandaise sauce, with the herb potatoes as a highlight. The taste, by far the best breakfast I have ever experienced, the eggs were cooked to perfection and for $12 it was reasonably priced. Some of the best food I have experienced since moving to this city.

The service was a big highlight during the experience, the staff were friendly, attentive and hilarious during our interactions. Despite the fact that it was Easter Sunday and the restaurant was busy, the staff still took their time to make sure we were looked after while dining at The Distillery. The only downside is that the music was loud at one point and maybe not fitting for midday on a Sunday, it was cut short however for a while I felt like I may have been in a club.

I can’t fault The Distillery, as I stated in the beginning, I am not big on brunch and would honestly say I have only ever been a handful of times. The experience at The Distillery was, in a nutshell, amazing. The food was great, service was great and including tip cost roughly $35 for two of us to dine. If you find yourself in Vancouver and are looking for a boozy brunch, get yourself over to The Distillery, who can argue with $10 mimosa’s?

Overall rating 9/10



Great food

Reasonably priced


Loud music (had to write something)