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The Continued Hiatus on Travel

The sheer joy and overwhelming excitement. The well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of working life. Having your passport in hand constantly checking you have not misplaced it. Packing 3 days early ready to jet off to somewhere new. Hell, the sneaky 7 am beers before boarding the plane half cut.

I miss travelling.

It has been a few years now since travel has been put on hold and the world is feeling it. Sure, some countries are opening up to travel (barring Australia) but it just doesn’t feel the same. People are unsettled, cautious even, and so set in their ways of not having travelled for so long, they no longer feel the need to.

There is a long road ahead before the world opens up and travelling freely is back on the cards but a question remains, will it ever be the same? Will travelling be the ‘free for all' it use to be or will there be some form of a shift in how the world travels forever?

If we like it or not, we have to accept that Covid-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon. Slowly but surely the world is getting vaccinated but this simply doesn’t solve the issue, it only slows it down. For most western countries getting vaccinated is a simple luxury (not including rich/privileged anti-vaxxers but that’s a whole other article).

If the majority of western countries get vaccinated there are still plenty of 3rd world countries that simply cannot afford to vaccinate their residents. This leaves people vulnerable to Corona and when festered by western tourists visiting for their ventures aboard, it opens a whole new can of worms.

Of course, this is all speculation but I couldn’t see any measurements being put in place to ensure those who are not vaccinated don’t get sick. After all, money always talks and the world has taken a huge dent financially from tourism. Countries such as Thailand and Bali rely solely on tourism. A friend located in Bali has told me of the huge struggle he has endured since tourists have stopped coming to Bali where he works as a tour guide. Since the pandemic, he has relied on handouts from friends and families to survive.

Governments simply do not know how to handle Covid-19. There always seems to be a familiar trend, cases in Covid-19 always peak then disappear. The world starts to open up again and boom we are hit with another cluster fuck of cases causing the world to go into ANOTHER lockdown. It’s a vicious cycle just prolonging the inevitable.

In terms of travelling, it is evident the world will not be given freedom of movement anytime soon. A real shame for certain but at this stage, we just don’t know how to contain and minimize such a virus. It's safe to say that travelling will never be as free-range as it once was. Sorry folks but it's true. As the world slowly opens up to tourists there are always curveballs getting thrown in the way, the most recent being the South African strain of Covid-19.

In reality, I would honestly say a 5 – 10-year time frame is needed for the world to return to what it once was. For now, Covid testing, booster shots, and social distancing are all going to be essentials for travel. Just like checking the weather conditions at your final destination, googling Covid cases are also going to be a deciding factor in where to travel within the world.

Here’s to optimism in the situation as a whole. Fingers crossed the world adapts in a feasible way to allow families to reunite, wanders to explore, and human civilization to feel a sense of normality. We are almost coming up to 2 years since the world shut down. Enough time has passed to formulate a plan to tackle Covid-19 place safety measures and slowly but surely, open the world to one another.

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