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Swimming for Surf Fitness | The Splash 115

Just my fucking luck.

In the real world, I have a full-time office job and this is something I work on in my spare time. We recently broke up for the Christmas holidays here in Australia.

I thought to myself ‘2 weeks of nothing but surfing!’

Just my fucking luck.

No surf.

There are currently storms up in North Queensland that is hindering the swell further down the coast. Every day I have been checking religiously in the hopes that there may be just a slight chance that some surf has pulled its way in. Currently, you would get bigger waves in the bathtub.

When the surf goes flat, I always make sure I go swimming once a week just to keep my overall fitness up alongside my weekly workout routine. During my 2 week break, I have been tempted to swim more and more and leave the gym, at the gym.

I am under no false illusion that swimming would only benefit your surfing in the long run but by how much? Could you solely swim 3-4 times a week and be “surf fit” ready for when the waves finally come through?

According to an article on Surfer Today that is exactly what you should be doing.

Although the gym is great, having massive arms is not going to build your endurance for when you finally hit the water. This news should not be surprising anyone and is common sense but this can be easily looked over.

For a lot of surfers, it just would not fit the stereotype, chucking on the swimmer's cap, adjusting your goggles, and just swimming laps continuously. Sounds boring as shit I know but in the long run, it will pay off with your surfing. Getting outback will be easier. Your lung capacity will improve. Your paddle strength will significantly improve just by taking 3-4 days a week at your local swimming pool.

I genuinely enjoy swimming but I would never want it to replace surfing. A good rule of thumb to stick by would be that ‘surfing comes first.’ Sounds likes cliché dribble; I know that but habits and quick fixes can sometimes sway the side of reason. For example, if there's surf but it is an hour's drive, and your local pool is 10 minutes, it is by definition more convenient to go to the local pool and just go surfing next time.

Do not fall for that trap.

I think till this dry spell comes rolling back in 4-5ft of pure Australian froth, I am going to work on my swimming fitness. Just focus on swimming and skip the gym for a little while. I could not see Surf Strength Coach Cris Mills endorsing this approach to my surfing anytime soon but fuck it, I will see how I feel after the next 3 months!

Watch this space!

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