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Still Corners – Slow Air Album Review

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

It’s Sunday morning, I’m in need of my morning fix of music while getting ready for the day. I prefer chilled sounds on days like this, so I go with The War on Drugs. In the suggestions a band named Still Corners appears, honestly, the name is new to me. I press select and dive into some new music, it does not disappoint.

Let’s start with a brief history outline, Still Corners was formed in 2009 by Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray after meeting at a London train stop. Influenced by glamourous ‘80s synth pop, the duo released singles Don’t Fall in Love/Wish in 2010, which sold over 700 copies on the first day. In 2011 the band released their first album titled, Creatures of an Hour through Sub Pop. With the release of the second album in 2013 titled Strange Pleasures, featuring the hit songs Fireflies and The Trip. To record the third album the duo moved to the seaside, influenced by the oceans dark colour’s recorded Dead Blue and released it through their very own label, Wrecking Light Records in September 2016.

Slow Air was released on August 17th 2018, through Wrecking Light Records, this marks the bands fourth album to date. Finding inspiration through the heat of America’s west, the band continue their ongoing journey of proving a lush and ethereal album. The opening track titled In the Middle of the Night, provides an echoed/ghostly vocal experience to prepare the listener of what is to come, there is certainly some Black Keys – Weight of Love influence.

"We wanted to hear beautiful guitar and drums and an otherworldliness, something almost indefinable along with a classic song writing vibe. We’re always trying to get the sound we hear inside of ourselves, so we moved fast to avoid our brains getting in the way too much. The name Slow Air evokes the feel of the album to me, steady, eerie and beautiful." - Tessa Murray

Black Lagoon, the first single from the album, evokes a dark upbeat tone with ‘80s inspired guitar and lyrics to suit the style. It’s a beautiful track and very easy listening with a chorus that creates positive familiarity, something that’s important to song structure. Towards the end of the album Whisper although holds its credit in this album, feels more like a gap filler and almost out of place. The album ends on the track Long Goodbyes, it is a piano based instrumental track mixed with the bands style, a perfect way to finish the album feeling like you have completed a story.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album, coming in fresh on a Sunday it usually takes a while for music to grow on me, but not today. It’s the kind of album I certainly would listen to when trying to focus on things such as writing or just chilling out for the day. I certainly felt inspiration from bands such as The Black Keys and The Chromatics which are both fantastic bands.

Still Corners will be touring in North America and Europe this autumn. For more information check out or through the bands Facebook page.

4 out of 5 stars.

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