Side Notes | November 15th

Side Notes is a weekly round-up of everything and anything that catches our short attention span over the past week, coming to you live and direct every Friday.


Mick Fanning's Search For The Premier Epoxy Surfboard | Stab In The Dark

It's Mick Fanning's turn for Stab In The Dark! Shot in Japan, Mick takes a few Epoxy surfboards all blanked out and ranks them. Given early on he is met with messy onshore conditions, he does a pretty awesome job at giving the selection of boards a run for their money!


The Verve - Gravity Grave

In my humble opinion, The Verve simply don't get enough credit. Pioneers for the music scene during the '90s in the UK. Forget the tracks they are commonly known for and dig deeper into their catalogue and find some real raw hidden gems. Richard Ashcroft, you sir are a musical genius!


Cleveland Dam - Vancouver

Read more about the dam here!


Russell Brand - Under the Skin

Love him or hate him Russell Brand is the perfect balance of comedy and zen and it shows within his podcast Under the Skin. Covering all aspects of life including spirituality, the cosmos, and kindness vs power, Russell lets loose on his way of the world with the help of some big-name guests. Expect knowledge, comedy, understanding, and a broader view of today's world with this podcast!