Side Notes | May 24

Side Notes is a weekly round up of everything and anything that catches our short attention span over the past week, coming to you live and direct every Friday.


DAEWON | Documentary | Transworld Skateboarding

With a 30-year career under his belt, Transworld Skateboarding have made a lengthy documentary covering Daewon Song's life within skateboarding.


Biffy Clyro - Balance, Not Symmetry

Biffy Clyro are back, well sort of, they have released an album with the sounds they made for a film. Here's the first track from that album.


Skógafoss - Iceland

Probably one of the world's most famous waterfalls, always crowded with tourists but worth it!


Classic old fashioned

2 teaspoons simple syrup

1 teaspoon water

2 dashes bitters

1 cup ice cubes

1 (1.5 fluid ounce) jigger bourbon whiskey

1 slice orange

1 maraschino cherry