Side Notes | August 30th

Side Notes is a weekly round up of everything and anything that catches our short attention span over the past week, coming to you live and direct every Friday.


Young Palestinians finding liberation in skateboarding

In the city of Jayyous the divide and the oppression of it's separation with Israel looms over a skatepark in the West Bank. Photographer Reid Allen spent a month with the children finding liberation in skateboarding. Photography meets skateboarding meets politics in this dazed article.

Photograph: Reid Allen -


Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around

Foo Fighters completed a three hour set at Reading this weekend including this belter from 1995, a personal favourite.


Darwin to Adelaide - The Ghan

This passenger train is 54-hour all-inclusive journey from North to South (or the other way!) through the Red Centre taking in sights along the way with excursions at Katherine, Alice Springs, Manguri and finally, your destination, Adelaide.

Photograph -


Mindhunter - Netflix

David Fincher's Mindhunter is a masterpiece delving into the FBI's inception of social profiling of serial killers and the show features characters based on real-life serial killers and FBI agents. The opening scene of Season 2 (below) features the infamous serial killer BTK and the haunting "In every dream home a heartache" by Roxy Music.