Side Notes | April 12th

Side Notes is a weekly round up of everything and anything that catches our short attention span over the past week, coming to you live and direct every Friday.


Misc, by Haydenshapes

I'm a big fan of twin fins, they feel great on a wave without that drag. Haydenshapes have recently released the MISC which promises to perform like a performance board but with that twin fin edge.


Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

Ozzy, the prince of darkness. Remember when you were young and your parents give you money to buy your first album? Well mine was Ozzy. I think my parents knew there and then that I wasn't your average kid, anyways, not much has changed, I still love his music!


Blue Mountains - Australia

It goes without saying visit Sydney, visit the Blue Mountains, its totally worth it.


Mark Oblow

A master in both photography and art, Mark has photographed celebrities including Ozzy and David Beckham, his art is currently being used by RVCA. He's also a wizard on a skateboard.