Side Notes | 15th June

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Side Notes is a weekly round up of everything and anything that catches our short attention span over the past week, coming to you live and direct every Friday.


The Quieter You Are, The More You Can Hear - Craig Anderson

Ando, along with the rest of the crew of Modern Collective, blew everyone's collective minds back in 2009, and here he is again teaming up with Kai Neville. Since dropping Quiksilver and joining up with Dane Reynolds, Austyn Gillette and Dylan Rieder (RIP) to spawn Former, Anderson's been able to focus on what he does best; freesurf. And there aren't a lot of guys out there better than him. The first film from him since 2016 and already contender for surf film of the year; drop in and tune out.


Bob Dylan - The Times They Are a-Changin'

The song is as relevant now as when it was written back in the turbulent mid-1960s. With the current shit show that is unraveling the world over, times sure are changing. Dylan wrote it as an anthem of change for the time, and less than a month later, President Kennedy was shot.


Coffs Harbour, Australia

There's more to Coffs Harbour than a big banana, albeit not much more, but still.


Making a Skate Video

Ever wondered why you could never make the jump to sponsorship stardom? Blamed it on the injuries, lack of perfect 10-sets at school, or the fact that it never stops raining long enough for the ground to dry for at least one afternoon in the summer. Well, turns out all you really is a good film crew. Who woulda thought, huh.