Side Notes | 11th September 2020

Side Notes is a weekly round up of everything and anything that catches our short attention span over the past week, coming to you live and direct every Friday.


Lost Track New Zealand

Ishka Falkwell and Torren Martyn leave the eternally warm waters of Byron Bay and hop the Tasman Sea in search of solitude and of course, perfect waves. As with New Zealand, you really have to work for such pleasures, and through relentless rain and howling winds, the guys certainly score perfection.


Chelsea Wolfe - Flatlands

Slowing things down this week, Chelsea Wolfe delivers a haunting track from her acoustic album Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs, a departure from her more experimental, heavier sound. Inspired by Scandinavian folk and elements of gothic rock, Wolfe's discography is as varied and wild as can be. Flatlands is Chelsea at her most intimate and ethereal.




Manramp "Return of the Ramp" - Episode 1

Probably the biggest innovation in skating since Rodney Mullen. Need a landing spot for a particularly gnarly gap? Manramp. Need a little boost to reach that ledge? Manramp. Local skate park a tad on the bland side? Manramp.