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Side Notes | 11th October

Side Notes is a weekly round up of everything and anything that catches our short attention span over the past week, coming to you live and direct every Friday.


Zone Frequency - Jack Coleman

Following up from The Zone and Imaginary Carpet, Coleman lights up your screens with nothing but stylish and buttery smooth surfing featuring the likes of Ryan Burch, Ozzie Wright, Asher Pacey, Dave Rastovich, Ari Browne and a whole host of refreshingly non-high performance pros. Shot over three years in a myriad of locations, Zone Frequency is well worth your time and £4/$6.


Allah-Las - In the Air

Formed whilst working in the indie record store Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, Allah-Las return with their fourth studio album; LAHS. The lead track from the album which was released on this very Friday sees the psychedelic rock band return to their Zombies/Kinks/Yardbirds inspired sound of the sun-soaked 60s California.


Komodo Island, Indonesia


Rodney Mullen's Part in Plan B' "Virtual Reality"

The wheels were small, the pants were big, the world was a different beast in 1993. If you ignore the fashion and VCR quality of this clip, it just isn't possible to place this level of skating, 26 years later and Mullen's skating is still 30 years ahead. You can still feel the effects of the blown minds from 1993 with the Casper slide to 360 flip out at the 3 minute mark.

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