Salty Scot Review

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

After a short break of not drinking alcohol, an opportunity arose to socialize one dark, cold evening here in Canada. I visit my local bottle shop and scan the cans to find any new items, the usual suspects are there until I am greeted by a sight I’ve never seen before. I reach out and grab the can for inspection, ‘sea salted caramel scotch ale’ have I just read that right? I double-check that again ‘sea salted caramel scotch ale’. It would be morally wrong not to purchase this and give it a go, its name is Salty Scot.

Brewed again by Parallel 49 based in Vancouver, this scotch ale is by far the weirdest find yet. This beer is a seasonal release by the brewery. using American ale yeast, there is nothing Scottish about this ale. The can design features a blue as a nod to the Scottish flag. Featured on the front is a stereotypical ginger bearded scots man, wearing a kilt, carrying a log while equipped with bagpipes. This beer packs a bloody punch standing in at 7.5%, one of the strongest beers we have reviewed.

The colour of the ale is a deep and real dark red, Ruby Tears you have already been outdone by this one. The aromas with this are just pure salted caramel with a subtle hint of scotch, there’s no smell of ale to this beer. The taste took me back, it hits with a burst of scotch with a little salt and leaves the salted caramel as the after taste, in fact, the salted caramel never leaves and it's pretty decent. If you are wanting that hop after taste, I wouldn’t drink Salty Scot.

Standing in at 7.5%, you certainly do not want to session drink this stuff. It's more than obvious that this is to be enjoyed as a one-off. One Salty Scot was more than enough, there is no way I could drink a six-pack of these things, being so strong, I’m not sure I would make it out alive. Parallel 49 certainly know how to mix things up in the brewing world, it’s a gamble that has paid off in some weird way and praises their craftmanship.

This beer is weird, I’m torn between if I like it or not and for now will sit on the fence, swaying more towards liking it. Although it is advertised as an ale, the whole experience almost convinces me that it is not. A lot is going on with this drink, I’m glad this is seasonal because no way would I drink this on a hot summer’s day. What would the Scottish make of this? "Awa' an bile yer heid".

Overall rating 6/10


Something different

Super strong

Salted caramel after taste


Wouldn’t consider it an ale

American yeast

One was more than enough