Ruby Tears Review

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Ah it's spring, finally that cold, miserable and dark winter has done one til next year. Coming are the days of heat, longer evenings and of course beers in the sunshine. Why do we drink in winter? I bet most of us will say just to drown that sorrow of misery. Beers in the sunshine on long evenings with a few friends are just the best. With that said, we better add a few more to the pale ale prevail starting with Ruby Tears.

Again, brewed by Parallel 49 based in Vancouver, this Northwest red ale adds variety to our previous contenders. Ruby Tears is boasting a rich caramel malt flavor and a burst of West Coast hops. We’ve had purple, green and now it's time for red, the design features what I can only assume is a traveler-inspired woman or an 80’s lead singer, unsure. The name of this ale has recently changed, it was once called Gypsy Tears, but due to backlash from people calling it a ‘racist’ drink, the company has now changed its name, so yeah it is a traveler-inspired woman. Ruby Tears is currently standing at 6% which is tipping into the higher strength of ale.

This is where shit gets weird, the ale is red? Red? Well it’s a first. You can smell the aromas, mainly malt with a slight hop but it’s not too overpowering. Upon tasting this red juice, it starts off sweet followed by caramel malt to balance out the sweetness, if you prefer the more tropical and sweeter ales, I’m not sure this is for you. The yeast used for this ale is American, think what you want with that knowledge, my lips are sealed.

As it stands at 6%, this ale may not be suitable for the heavy drinking sessions, however, with a higher percentage means you won’t need to drink as much to be off your trolley, saving you money in the long run? This beer feels like it has been designed just to enjoy one or two and appreciate the craftsmanship Parallel 49 have put into their beers. Again, all their beers offer totally different experiences.

This ale is not bad, it's not amazing either, one was certainly enough with no craving for another, let alone a six pack. Overall the smell was good and the taste was good but didn’t seem to last very long in your mouth, as a fan of more tropical ales, Ruby Tears didn’t meet the expectation. Ruby Tears certainly sways more towards a dark ale which is always a risky gamble for myself personally, give me some light and powerful hops. Thanks again Parallel 49, I can’t say I'll be in a rush to buy this one again.

Overall rating 7/10



Stronger than average ale

Fruity taste to start with


Sways more towards a dark ale

Limited taste

American yeast