Part Wild Returns...To Travelling

For two years we have been separated by almost 10,000 miles and imprisoned on two different islands. One small island that has bumbled around not leading by example and one massive island doing its best impression of Alcatraz.

This is soon coming to a very welcome end. Despite one trip to Faro last September it has been a baron two years for travelling. Two contingents of this website will each be heading out on month long trips. One part of Part Wild heads to Australia in July while another heads to Mexico this month. Not content to travelling to different countries, no, we are travelling to different continents and getting as far away as possible from the UK.

A previous trip to Noosa

July will mark a Part Wild reunion in Queensland as I head Nerang in the Gold Coast for a trip that will involve a stay in a cabin/lodge in Noosa and then meeting our Australian contingent of PW in, I believe, Strathpine. I'll head to Surfers Paradise too so that I can write scathing things about influencers and "surfers" more bothered about Only Fans than waves.

We wait with baited breath to see what we need to do for "Covid-safe" travel. Will PCRs still be needed? Can we do LFTs/Rapid Tests? Will things be normal once again or will there be any other spikes?

Some things we can tell you is that flights and travel insurance are now more expensive than ever, largely due to the war in Ukraine. Thanks Putin. Add on costs to test and you do now need to be more thrifty than ever to travel.

While I head to Australia, Danny heads in the opposite direction to Mexico. Flying into Cancun but wisely not staying there. He then goes North to Holbox Island which has no internet, no ATM and no cars. Travelling sans laptop he's going into full feral mode with just a pad and pen. Tulum is then his home for week four before returning to the UK.

We're looking forward to give you some new travel content as we navigate this new age of travel being heavily impacted by the pandemic and a full blown war.

Bon voyage!