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Part Wild Sells Out - Running Punks

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Welcome to our new feature, Part Wild Endorses… we will talk about something we love, why it is so great and why YOU should have it in your life.

Part Wild Endorses… Running Punks.

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Running, much like any other hobby, has its fair share of cliques and snobbery but find your correct niche and you’ll also find a sense of community and togetherness. Running clubs, gyms, cross fit clubs and so on just don’t align with my social awkwardness and desire to be (mostly!) alone while I exercise. Discovering Running Punks and Jimmy Watkins has been a breath of fresh air.

I’ve always been a fan of punk music but also anything alternative really. So a gym with Ed Sheeran dance mixes to me is the same as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage’s approach to modern day Great Britain; unforgivable.

Runnings Punks is, as Lauren Laverne of BBC 6 Music describes “a lovely online community! There’s something brilliant and joyful and life-affirming about it.” I couldn’t put it any better myself.

Jimmy Watkins & Rhodri Morgan were friends and ex-bandmates that reconnected through running and there was a feeling that their running was about the escapism, the fresh air, the DIY feel and the desire to be on your own and just get out and run with no pressure and music to push you on. Runnings Punks was born.

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I don’t really know how I discovered Running Punks, I think I stumbled upon Jimmy Watkins weekly reviews of punk music while running and I just loved the ridiculousness of it!

The weekly run club is great too – there are some actual genuine clubs around the country where people actually meet but on the whole it is virtual where you'll see #VRC (Virtual Run Club) & #RunningPunks on social media and are able to see what everybody is doing on their Sunday run. Running Punks profiles will share and comment on so many people’s posts as well as everybody cheering each other on and congratulating one another on their run. Whether it be 10 miles in an hour, 10k in an hour or a mile or two at whatever speed, everybody is celebrated with a virtual high five or pat on the back.

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There’s more, you can share what you’ve been listening to, get new music ideas and put forward review suggestions for Jimmy. His reviews while running always begin with “aaaand the watch is on the music’s on AND WE’RE OFF GO GO GO!” Followed by some ludicrous metaphors, you just can’t wait to hear what he’s come up with.

The cherry on the top is the merch. Running gear without having to look like a lollipop person layering down. There are running tops with nods to the likes of The Ramones, Nirvana and Velvet Underground. You can buy the merch here but be aware – it’s addictive, he says, two sweatshirts, one running tee and one running vest into the addiction (I just need that Mac Sabbath jacket now!).

If you want to exercise but find you don’t belong, even if you’re not into punk music – get involved. Punk is not about conformity or fitting in and you can apply that rule right here. That may be a bit Meta but I guarantee you, join Running Punks and you will find joy, pride and confidence and before you know it you will want to be reppin’ Running Punks at your local Park Runs and Running tracks.

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