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Part Wild Sells Out - AQSS

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Buying a surfboard can be an utter bitch. Surfers are brutal, past honest, and love to shit on most surf-related products aside from what they know. All surfers hate change. We live in a world now where reviews fuel how our money is spent, we would rather read the reviews than test any product first, this includes surfboards.

Reading reviews for surfboards is beyond a gamble, the slightest issue and it’s a 1 star.

“The rails don’t forgive.” 1*.

“Just doesn’t catch speed in 1ft mush.” 1*.

The list goes on.

Shopping for surfboards is a nightmare, these days your better off just getting some really good solid advice, this is where The Surfboard Warehouse comes in. They know what's up and know what board would suit you best for your ability (this isn't a paid post btw but if The Surfboard Warehouse is reading this, you’re welcome $90, mate's rates). This was how I discovered AQSS when researching for a mini mal for my wife.

AQSS or Aquatic Social Scene are surfboards produced by Coastlines Surf International Ltd based in Australia. Coastlines Surf International Ltd are responsible for some other surfboard brands including Vessel (more on that in another post). Their board range covers all shapes and sizes from fish, mid-length, mini mal, and mals.

Currently, I have both the Amazing Grace fish 5’ 8” and the Mahi Mahi Mini Mal 7’0”.

Let's start with the Mahi Mahi, for those looking into progressing from a foam board to your first solid board, this would be a great start. These boards catch waves with ease and grace. With a slight rocker and forgiving rails, you can easily progress on manoeuvres and build upon your skill level. These boards are just pure fun in small surf, easy to paddle and essential for the flatter easy sessions. Saying that these boards can also be taken out on bigger days but you may find trouble on those steep drops.

These boards do not break the bank. Averaging out at $500 brand new and $250 - $400 second hand these are certainly a worthy investment from the second-hand sun-bleached $100 boards. I would recommend the Mahi Mahi to those looking to progress and prefer to surf much smaller waves 1ft – 5ft.

Next is the Amazing Grace which is AQSS take on the classic fish. These were released before the Flying Fish currently being produced by AQSS. These boards have a slightly flatter rocker, a retro shape, and a classic fish tail to get the most out of the smaller days.

These boards hit like a dream in small to head high surf. The volume in these boards is great meaning you can slice off a few inches to your regular board size and still get the most out of every session. Turns are clean on this board and manoeuvres are easy to connect sharing similarities to skating (if you surf and skate this may be a feasible option). When surfing rail to rail these boards hold their own.

Currently, a new Flying Fish which would be considered the next step up from the Amazing Grace is selling for roughly $500 again brand new. Not an unreasonable price as this board alone could be your solid number 1 go-to in most if not all of Australia's surfing conditions, especially on the east coast. You can buy it second-hand for roughly $400 which may be cheaper but you're probably better off just buying this board brand new.

AQSS, this brand is best suited for those looking to take their first leap into buying their first board. With a multitude of varieties, your options are endless for decent boards at affordable prices. I enjoy their boards, especially the fish, currently, it's my go-to for any and all surf below overhead conditions. They get the job done without breaking the bank and have great shape and design to help anyone looking to progress in their surfing.

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