Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Apologies for those who noticed the z legalisation (when in Rome or Canada in this case). Canada has officially legalized marijuana, they are officially the second country in the entire world to do this with Uruguay being the first. The legalization came into place on October 17, 2018, there is still some uncertainty with the do’s and don’ts around the situation. Here’s some information to shed some light on the Cannabis Act.

To the beginning, the Cannabis Act was introduced by current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his campaign pledge. Justin felt that by making marijuana legal, it will keep marijuana away from underage users and reduce crime related to the substance. Canada is set to have an expected revenue of more than $4 billion with the blooming marijuana industry. There is a lot of concern with the legalization, health care professionals are fearing negative consequences. The anti-marijuana organization Smart Approaches to Marijuana or SAM for short have also had their say on the situation.

SAM founder and president, Dr. Kevin Sabet said:

“Despite warnings and opposition from major medical groups, and international treaties outlawing the legal sales of marijuana, Canada has, on a mainly party-line vote, sided with the marijuana industry and legalized the drug for those 18 and older. As expected, investors are in a frenzy to make money, and they are seizing on the fact that several pro-health amendments to the law were defeated.

A sensible amendment to create a public registry of investors in pot companies was defeated, as was an amendment allowing provinces to determine their own home cultivation laws. These could have strengthened the law much further. This dangerous law would allow individuals to make their own high-potency pot candies, gummies and 99% pure extracts (compare that with 5% potent Woodstock weed). With 70% of today’s illicit drug users having started with marijuana, not prescription drugs, this is exactly the wrong time to legalize pot.

Our brains are developing until age 25 or 30; what safeguards will be in place to discourage young people from using marijuana? Who is collecting critical, independent data on the consequences of this change? And how will this law hold up in the United Nations, where Canada is a signatory to three international drug conventions?

We at SAM – in both countries – will keep lawmakers and the industry accountable. We cannot allow the massive Big Marijuana industry to railroad public health. We will be working with government and private industry to reduce the consequences of this ill-conceived piece of legislation.”

In British Columbia adults aged 19 and up will be allowed buy and grow up to four cannabis plants per household, but the plants must not be visible from public spaces off the property, and home cultivation will be banned in homes used as day-cares. Here’s where it gets tricky as consumers are expected to buy from retailers governed by provinces, with so many cannabis shops already open, especially in Vancouver, will there be a crackdown on independent, non-government businesses? It seems unluckily for now.

Bottom line, marijuana stays in Canada and doesn’t leave the country. However, you can carry up to 30 grams of marijuana in person when travelling on domestic flights. Vancouver Airport is currently opening a smoking section for passengers to smoke cannabis. Borders to the U.S.A. will adopted a strict no marijuana policy with heavy consequences.

Its important to be aware of drug laws in other countries, Dubai for example has a strict no drugs policy. In 1996 the UAE passed legislation of the death penalty for drug trafficking, this also includes drugs found through blood/urine tests and prescription medication. Flyers have found themselves with prison sentences for possession of drugs as low as 0.05 grams found on the bottom of shoes packed clothing etc. With Dubai being one of the biggest stop overs for connecting flights its important to bear in mind the laws of drug tolerance.

Marijuana holds some laws when it comes to consuming, as with smoking your not allowed to smoke in public parks and beaches. The use of marijuana will be illegal in vehicles and school properties, this is common knowledge to the everyday person. To sum it up consumption is allowed anywhere apart from vehicles or where children will be present.

So here you have it, some information regarding the new law, although there are people who are against the idea of cannabis being legal for now you are free to smoke away. We tried to contact Vancouver Seed Bank and Cannabis Culture for their input towards the legalization but were unable to comment.