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Katie Hopkins Can Enter Australia - Visa Holders Can't

Far-right, body-shaming, racist, fascist, Covid-19 denier and all round vile human being Katie Hopkins gets a visa and the right to work in Australia to do Big Brother VIP (whatever the hell that is). Your regular Joe Bloggs that paid for the right, sat the IELTS English tests, carried out the reams of paperwork and put their life on the entire process still waits at home.

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Holders of the 489 & 491 Temporary Regional Visas (the latter replacing the former in 2018) still wait in limbo as the Australian Government keep radio silence on the matter. Last year, when Australia closed its borders due to Covid-19, temporary visa holders were not able to enter the country, with only Permanent Residency Visa holders (189 & 190) allowed to enter. In September last year those being sponsored and some other temporary visa holders were given some sort of dispensation or idea of how to get money back and the best out of their visas, however there was still nothing for 489 & 491 visa holders.

What seems to make things worse is that celebrities like Katie Hopkins are allowed to enter the country to work on shows like Big Brother. People have sold homes, quit jobs and put everything on the line only to be ignored. Yet Katie Hopkins can waltz in, flout the Covid-19 quarantine rules and be kicked out. All this while paying visa holders sit and wait.

The 489 & 491 visas are temporary and once certain measures are met you can then apply for permanent residency. The 489 is a four-year temporary Visa that sets out that 24 months residing and 12 months working in regional areas will allow you to apply for permanent residency. Yet for some, these measures will not be met due to the visas running down and there is still no talk of extensions or concessions. The 491 is a five-year visa where measures must be met in three years in order to apply for PR. These visas cost thousands.

There are currently over 8,000 visa holders stranded outside of Australia with many urging the government to even just acknowledge them and their predicament and perhaps even, ya know - do their job and come up with some solutions so that they can decide what to do with their lives.

But sure Australia, you keep bringing over the likes of Katie Hopkins, Caitlin Jenner, Neil Patrick Harris and others over while the people that you target to keep your economy flourishing have their lives turn to disarray. At least people will be entertained while the country nosedives into oblivion.

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