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Ignoramus Influencers are Hiring a Fake Jet Studio to Flaunt Their ‘Lavish’ Lifestyle

2020 has been a mad year! We have all been affected in one way or another to the unsolved fuck ups that keep arising as the year draws to an end. Let’s not dwell on these subjects at hand, in reality, they are out of our control. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, an L.A. based studio is now hiring out their fake jet setting for influencers to sink their teeth into.

By now you must know our take on influencers; they are the plague, diseased-ridden who have fucked not only the travel industry but our online presence. These self-entitled and deluded rodents are forever in a constant vanity struggle to gain some recognition. It’s embarrassing.

Human civilization has come to this?

The fake jet setting listed on Peerspace allows people to hire out the studio to their own will. The current cost for this hire is $64 per hour and features jet-style seats and artificial windows. Although it has had a lot of attention, it is not sure whether influencers are using the set to project a lifestyle that doesn’t exist, or toying/mocking the idea.

This forever proves that you should not believe everything you see online. Influencers lie and don’t feel bad about it. They want to prove that your life is shit, and theirs is successful through any means of trickery. A poor excuse and example to be showing the next generation as it morphs into this deluded sense of entitlement.

Just when the world couldn’t get any weirder this shit happens. What honestly is next? A fake hotel suite or a night club hire full of people at our disposal? By the time you are reading this, there’s a huge possibility these things exist. If you are interested in checking out the listing through serious interest or just to have a laugh, you will find it here.

It's hard not knowing who to point the finger of blame at. Is it the studio's fault for advertising such shit knowing they will prey on the weak/fame-craving zombies of today? Or is it influencers who should take responsibility for letting their status and quest for riches get the better of them? For now, this rant will settle for both, one being the struck match and the other being the gasoline forever burning that fire of lost hope and dread.

Well done influencers, you’ve fucked everything up again!  

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