Fuck Your Good Vibes!

“Good Vibes only”, “Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life”. You’ve seen this shit plastered everywhere recently. Since when did we become the generation to pick up on vibes? “Oh, I love your vibe” What the fuck does this mean? If you are referring to my natural vibration created through sound, be it from the movements I can create with my body or noises I make with my mouth, then yes, I love my vibe too.

It's all the rage on social media these days, we are basing everything on vibes. Just hiked to the top of a mountain? Oh, what a vibe! Just ordered a round of drinks and feel the need to take a photo with a beautiful backdrop? Oh, what a vibe! Having that mango smoothie for breakfast because that’s how cultured you are? Oh, what a fucking vibe indeed!

In a world already self-absorbed, this pathetic phrase is the premise of how we should all be living our lives. Long gone are the days where you can wake up and think “today's not my day”, instead it's all about getting through the day with good vibes only. I am a grumpy fucker, make no mistake, but I am also writing this on the side of reason and understanding.

If we are living in a world full of good vibes only, is it possible to opt for the bad vibes only? It is inevitable and seriously impossible to live out every day with good vibes only. Plus, it sounds exhausting. Ever tried to get through the day without a dark thought or adopting a happy-go-lucky attitude? Step in some dog shit, “Wow that was great!” Stub your toe on the table corner, “Yum, that felt amazing!”

There are a lot of things we need to can in this generation, influencers, scooter kids, Pokémon Go to name a few, but we need to stop telling people how they should be feeling. It is easy to get the impression that if you are not waking up smiling every day then there is something wrong with you. People will only post what they want you to see on social media, make no mistake, everyone is fighting their own battle.

Call this what you want whether it be a vent, rant, or just the writer showing his age without a slither of good vibes. It's dangerous to play this game in promoting nothing but sunshine and rainbows when the reality is far from this. The solution is to make peace with your own “vibe”. Appreciate the little things, tell your family you love them, continue with the hobbies that bring you joy, but also understand no two days can never be the same and that’s a good thing.

The final thought is this, fuck your good vibes. Understand that life works in so many ways that inevitably it's near impossible to be consumed with nothing but good vibes. It's ok to have a bad day, that is life, they will come and go as certain as the next storm. Don’t be pressured by the plague and promotion of social media and fuckwit influencers, they hold no weight on your life. They only have good vibes and shit rainbows when it comes to their online presence, their vibes are purely meaningless driven by money and vanity. Fuck em!