Flagship IPA Review

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Image credit taphunter.com

The next contender on the list and keeping with the Canadian theme pale ale is the Flagship IPA by Steamworks. Brewed locally in Vancouver the Steamworks brewery is located at 3845 Williams St which is on the Vancouver/Burnaby border. Steamworks also has a pub located near Waterfront Station which offers all of their beers as well as pub grub, a must go for any visitor to Vancouver.

Flagship IPA has an amazing design, keeping in theme with the Gastown steam clock while incorporating a vintage creative feel to the design. The design is simple and for this ale simplicity works at its best in catching the eye. This beer is strong, while not as strong as the Filthy Dirty IPA, however, it does hold its own at 6.7% so drink with caution.

This Northeast style IPA has flavor! Its powerfully hopped with Mosaic, Galaxy & Citra, for the hop heads out there this will draw your attention. The taste is beautiful, sharing similarities to Wild Yak its juicy, tropical and fruity to the nose, with a cloudy pour which settles into a crisp golden colour. Flagship IPA recently picked up Gold for North American IPA as well as Best in Show from the 2016 BC Beer Awards.

On the side of caution, as it states on the label this is a strong beer. While product “reviewing” a six pack it was pretty evident this beer had packed a punch, and the next day left the head with a heavier fog than usually expected. This ale has been “reviewed” several times including stein sized versions at the Brew Pub with similar aftermath. There are lower percentages available such as the Pale Ale which will be lighter on the head, or just don’t over indulge.

Overall this ale is just great and just like the Filthy Dirty IPA makes it to the top of the list of some of the best ales Vancouver has on offer. Steamworks have really put in the hard work with their products and it is clearly evident with the Flagship IPA. Again, the experience is uniquely fruity wanting the drinker to experience more, just remember this may come at a price the next day depending on how you handle your alcohol. Available in 6 x 330ml bottles/cans or in the 8-pack tall can mashup.

Overall rating 9/10


Beautiful taste


Canadian substitute to Wild Yak

Strong beer


Fog head