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Filthy Dirty IPA Review

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Everyone has their own views when it comes to IPA’s some people appreciate the hop craft and others compare it to a hipster’s dream career. IPA’s have become more and more popular over the recent years especially within Canada, micro-breweries have exploded and become serious business to the liquor industry.

Parallel 49 based in Vancouver have created some serious competitors in the IPA game including the Filthy Dirty IPA, a west coast style drink, full of hops and aroma which promises to be clean on the palate. Upon first inspection the purple can design with a boar wearing a chain doesn’t exactly call out pick me up, however the words Filthy Dirty attracts the eye. The can also states that it is a strong beer with a percentage standing at an impressive 7.2%, arguably not a day session drink but more a chilled couple to appreciate.

The ale itself is light and cloudy which is a sign of bold flavors and full of hops, which it surely is. After cracking the can (or bottle) there is a clear smell of floral aromas mixed with orange and grapefruit which excites the senses and prepares the brain for the taste to follow. If you love your hops, Filthy Dirty is for you, powerful is an understatement but not enough to put you off but only make you crave more.

Honestly, it is a strong beer, depending on your alcohol tolerance which is next to none for myself, you will feel the effects after a couple. Drinking wisely is important with this ale as it will hit you harder than you would expect, if drinking more than two it maybe be wiser to opt for a lower percentage ale such as Trash Panda. Drinking one for myself felt like I had in fact drank two ales so for those on a budget this is your go to.

Overall this ale is great and perfect for those with a love of hops and good craftsmanship. As a fan of local breweries this ale makes it to the top of the list of great ales available in Vancouver. The whole experience while drinking Filthy Dirty is pleasurable with a craving for more, however, this comes at a price given its high percentage so know when you’ve enough or suffer the consequences the next morning. Available in individual 473ml cans or as a 355ml 6 pack, its perfect for those with a love for ales and want to sample the best that Vancouver has on offer. Cheers and thanks for tomorrows hangover Parallel 49 you win again.

Overall rating 9/10


Perfect taste

Strong beer

Clean on the palate

Perfect for those on a budget


Package design

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