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Fight for the Bight

Humans are strange, clearly in today’s world money means more than the condition of the world we leave the next generation. Too deep? Well sadly it’s a true statement, as a species over populating the planet, more and more risky measures are being made to gain more resources from the planet, including oil. Making the headlines recently has been the development of the oil tyrants Equinor and their proposed drilling into the Bight located in South Australia.

Oil drilling alone is risky business, include the ocean and fuck you're asking for a disaster. If history has taught us anything is that when it all goes to shit the backlash of oil spills takes years to clean. Back in 2010 BP had the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico which is considered to be the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. The impact on marine life has been devastating, the fate of tens of thousands is still continuing to this day. The impact this disaster had on the ocean alone should have been a hard life lesson.

However, Equinor propose that they have an environment plan where drilling can be done safely, campaigners are now asking the federal government to reject the project. Great Australian Bight Alliance is a campaign aimed at saying no to oil drilling in the Bight. The campaign has taken off with dramatic success, gathering attention worldwide and has collected over 65,000 signatures including renown Australian surfers Chippa Wilson, Craig Anderson and Dion Agius.

Peter Owen, campaigner at Great Australian Bight Alliance said:

“The Great Australian Bight whale nursery is a completely inappropriate place for risky deep-sea oil drilling, especially as we hurtle towards catastrophic climate change. Actively pushing to expand the fossil fuel industry is the height of irresponsibility and not an option if we are to have any chance of providing our children with a liveable climate.”

Say Equinor get their way and drill for oil and say they have an oil spill, how damaging to the environment would it be? In short, fucking terrible! An oil spill will destroy most of the coastline of Southern Australia, Tasmania and oil could reach as far as Sydney. Australia takes pride in their beaches and marine life unique to Australia, well say goodbye to that. For us surfers, Australia is a safe heaven in terms of clean water, beautiful beaches and the idea of paradise. An oil spill would drastically affect the Australian civilization in terms of lifestyle and industries which would also make the waters no longer safe.

All hope is not lost however, surfers and residents of Australia have been having protest paddle outs across the country. From the looks of things, they are proving to be a success with more to be planned for the future. Although the chances of a spill are slim, its not a chance worth risking. Petitions and social media are also doing their part in spreading awareness to the cause.

Fancy contributing to the cause? No one is forcing your hand, however, if you do there is a link to the petition at the bottom of this piece. Great Australian Bight Alliance is also hosting several events spread out across the year to bring more awareness, including, movie nights and environmental awareness walks lasting for 10 days.

Its 2019, the idea that we are still having to fight against stuff like this is just unreal. There have been tried and tested methods with renewable energy but sadly drilling holes in the ocean seems like the most profitable one. We can only hope that the Fight for the Bight proves successful in stopping the oil drilling, climate change is happening and its time the world responds appropriately towards it. For more information check out

Sign the petition here:

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