Feet, Float, Wheels…Get Active This Lockdown!

It’s safe to say that in the last few years I have 'managed' my mental health for the first time in my life. Going to the gym was a huge positive for me. Then Covid-19 hit and everything shutdown, including gyms and leisure facilities. Here we are again, six months after the last lockdown in another one. It’s not as strict as the last lockdown but gyms and leisure facilities have taken the hit again.

The gym can be a massive positive and keep a lot of people’s mental health in check. People may not even realise how much they need it until it’s gone and once it is gone it’s important to fill that void.

Run photography 1 - Chapel Porth, St Agnes

If the gym was a big part of your routine and you find yourself in a lockdown, it’s important that you replace that and replace it for something outdoors. Get on your feet – walk, run, skip! The beauty of it is that most of us have legs and footwear and walking is very accessible to us and the UK government has eased rules on driving to places and meeting one friend.

Make something out of lockdown and turn it into a positive!

If that’s not for you, let’s talk wheels – cycling is a fantastic way of blasting calories and getting endorphins and dopamine pulsing through your body. Why stop at cycling; skate, rollerblade it’s all good we won’t judge (we won't condone scooters though). Driving does not count as exercise. Let’s get that straight.

Of course there is also water. Not so easy for everybody but if you’re on the coast you can surf or even joy the beauty of a sea swim. Have a paddle! The sea is wonderful for peace of mind.

Run photography 2 - Great Flat Lode

For me, I got some new running shoes and started hitting the local trails. I began with fast tackling Public Health England’s Couch to 5K plan. Once I mastered that I decided my next target would be 10K.

Two things that are great about running with a plan is that you get outdoors – massively important for mental health and the other thing is setting targets, goals and having something to drive for.

I went from 60-second run-walk intervals, to being able to run non-stop for 25 mins, to 35 mins, to 45 mins, one hour and beyond.

As we are now into a second lockdown, I’ve entered a half marathon for December and not yet set foot back into the gym and a second lockdown won’t have the same impact on me, nor will an extended lockdown or further lockdowns.

Run photography 3 - Carn Brea

I also enjoyed some lovely scenery and took some nice photos on my runs and walks, which are highlighted throughout this blog.

The moral is – make something of what you can do and it’ll stop you from slipping into a mental hole.

Run photography 4 - Carn Marth, Redruth