Double Tap or Fuck That | Taking Pictures of Food

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Taking Pictures of Food


While I understand the importance of taking photographs of food for menus or for a cafe's instagram account. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone needs to take a photo of their petty rainbow salad or mega burger which will guarantee a heart attack. Don't be that dick, especially if you're over the age of 20.

Fuck that.


On the contrary, whether you're simping for the cafe/restaurant owner, or just like to broadcast your banal existence to the ether, there is no room in this life for taking pictures of your food. 'Camera eats first' is a global problem steeped in socially acceptable narcissism. Get a grip, nobody else cares, just eat the overpriced thing.

Fuck that.


A chef spent ages preparing, cooking, and presenting it. Front of house worked efficiently to get it to you hot. Just. Fucking. Eat. It.

Fuck that.

Verdict - FUCK THAT