Djokovic – Why He's Irked Us and Why the Australia’s Reaction Pleased Us

When it comes to philanthropy and charity work, Djokovic has done some pretty amazing things, but his attitude at times has been one of his downfalls. People comparing this 10 day saga to that of Muhammad Ali’s race battles and quoting “vaccine-apartheid” need to check their moral compasses, and maybe even their logic, integrity and balance their opinion on Djokovic against that of their own Covid and vaccine stance and ask themselves if there's some sort of bias in their opinion.

Let’s rewind almost two years, the pandemic hits the world hard and Australia’s border walls come up. Families, individuals, couples and friends are separated, some people with certain visas have to leave the country and some people that have paid tens of thousands of pounds, quit jobs, taken their kids out of schools and prepared for the big move are suddenly told “you can’t come in.” There is no end date to this, very little communication from the government for almost the entire time and hardly any exceptions.

Fast forward to the present and just last month Australia began to slowly open its borders, but not to everybody and certainly not to people who won’t play ball when it comes to how Australia are serving up their Covid-19 defence.

Novak’s Double Fault

Two key errors from our man Novak, the first being when he allegedly contracted Covid on 16th December 2021 but was then pictured attending a charity event maskless and handing awards to children. That said, he stated his PCR came back after the event and his LFD was negative. He then broke isolation rules the following day for an interview with a newspaper saying he felt obliged and didn’t want to let the journalist down.

The Double fault is then completed when Djokovic declared on his travel documentation that he hadn’t travelled for 14 days prior to his departure for Australia when he had actually travelled between Serbia and Spain.

All this just screams that he has a God Complex and is above the rules and is actually deeply insensitive to Aussies, immigrants and visa holders that have been in limbo and adhering to rules for nearly two years now. I don’t believe that a man who is one Grand Slam victory away from being the most successful tennis player of all time in an incredibly privileged, rich sport cannot afford people that would help him get this right.

Australia’s Ace

This is a very high profile case but if Australia’s Immigration Minister Alexander Hawke and the government hadn’t acted in this way it would have set a new precedent, stunk of hypocrisy and elitism, and would’ve seen a lot of people turn their backs on Australia.

Game, set, match; common sense.