Cheap Travel | Noosa

Noosa Main Beach

What if I told you there is a cheap way to travel around Noosa without staying in a hostel?

Considered one of the most expensive places in Australia, Noosa is not easily done on the cheap. Hotels are costly, activities are expensive, and dining out on Hastings St is expensive, it all adds up.

We get it, you want the luxury without the price tag, don’t we all?

While this foolproof guide won't save you thousands, it will certainly save a few hundred dollars and see more than you were expecting of Noosa.

How to travel cheap around Noosa.

1. Airbnb in the neighbouring towns of Noosa.

Airbnb Cooroy

If you have access to a car either through a rental or your own personal vehicle, get an Airbnb in the neighbouring town of Noosa.

Why in a different town do I hear you ask? Easy, booking an Airbnb in a different town will not only guarantee to save you some money but will also be an upgrade from the box-sized flats on offer in Noosa.

Surrounding towns such as Eumundi and Cooroy offer amazing properties for a third of what you would pay within Noosa. All within a 20-minute driving distance of Noosa.

Staying in the hinterland gives the best of both worlds, beach and countryside and that separation to have your own peace and quiet.


2. Hire a car through Car Next Door.

Credit: Car Next Door

If you’re travelling up from Brisbane or maybe even further it would be worth hiring a car through Car Next Door. Car rentals are expensive, especially from any airport.

If you’re new to Car Next Door it's simple, simply set up a profile and put in the days and type of car you’re looking for and voila.

Car rentals are almost half the price on the app and this opens up the freedom to not rely on public transport and gives you more access to different beaches and views Noosa offers.

There are no sign-up costs and you get reimbursed for your fuel. All you do is fill up the tank when required and upload a photo of the receipt. There is a fee for KMS used which can vary between 0.33c per km to 0.55c per km depending on the vehicle.

On average a car hire in Noosa for 5 days will cost between $150 for older vehicles and $300 for newer vehicles. This doesn’t include the km travelled.


3. Free activities

There are lots of free activities within Noosa. From bush walks to markets, it's all there.

A few worthy mentions include:

Eumundi Markets

Credit: Eumundi Markets

Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Eumundi Markets are the pinnacle for anyone visiting the Noosa area. A 20-minute drive into the hinterland and you’ll find the markets (Google Maps is your best friend here).

The markets offer everything from handmade hats to chilli chutney and are always worth a look. There are also food stalls serving up some hidden gems including Portuguese custard tarts and Oreo doughnuts.

Parking is hectic, and while there are some free parking spots around the outskirts of the markets there is also paid parking costing $5 on-site.

Noosa dog beach

Credit: petcloud

If you’re bringing your dog for the trip then definitely visit Noosa dog beach. Located in the Noosa Woods just off Hastings St the dog beach has some pretty spectacular views and crystal-clear waters.

Parking can be an issue in Noosa Woods on most days so either arrive early or generally after 10 minutes of searching you can find a parking spot.

From there you can walk along the boardwalk and pass Noosa Main Beach but just remember dogs cannot go on the beach itself.

Laguna Lookout

A 30-minute walk or a 5-minute drive from Hastings St and you’ll reach Laguna Lookout. The lookout offers amazing views of Noosa and the surrounding landscape.

Crowds are usually quiet here but the views are certainly worth checking out. For those travelling with pets be warned as pets are not allowed at the lookout, you can however take turns checking out the view while the other keeps your pet company in the car.

Noosa National Park

Located north of Noosa, Noosa National Park is a must for those who love a bush walk.

There are many trails available with several entries and exit points. The park can also be accessed from Sunshine Beach. There are many points of interest along the walk from the Paradise Caves to the infamous Fairy Pools.

The park is beaming with wildlife including koalas. The park is almost a hotspot for Whale watching during the right time of year (mid-June to October).

For those travelling with their dog, unfortunately, they cannot enter the park.


4. Make the most of happy hour

Drinking can be expensive, especially in Noosa.

While there are bottle shops located outside of Hastings St (accessible by car) most pubs and restaurants have an extended happy hour running between 4.30 - 6. Not only do most restaurants offer a discount on cocktails and beers but also on food for those looking for a cheap, quick bite out.

A few worthy mentions include:


Miss Moneypenny’s

Café Le Monde

Also, if you are an avid beer drinker be sure to check out Land & Sea Brewery located at 19 Venture Dr. Their beer selection is amazing for a microbrewery and their swag collections are awesome.

We strongly suggest you try the Juice Box IPA.

Dog friendly as well.


5. Noosa Canal Cruises


A must-do activity that won't break the bank is the Noosa sunset cruise.

Most cruises last roughly an hour and glide up and down the rivers. Feast your eyes on the houses of the rich while sipping on a beer or 2 as most cruises allow you to bring your own booze.

Sunsets in Noosa are incredible and those running the cruise are usually extremely informative and provide some amazing knowledge about the history of Noosa.

Most cruises will cost roughly $30 - $40 per person.


Noosa is aimed at those who are both wealthy and have class but it can be experienced on the pinch.

Hopefully, this foolproof guide may just save you a buck or two and try your hand at everything Noosa has to offer.

Have a good one!