Australia's Borders Open - Everything We Need To Know

Strewth! Rejoice one and all! Australia has finally reopened it's borders to all, including tourists and temporary skilled visa holders, but it hasn't come without its issues.

Can We Holiday In Australia Again?

Yes! Australia is open for tourists, meaning whether you want to go for three months, three weeks or three days (weirdo) you can go on a 651 eVisitor visa - which pretty much gets granted straight away.

Flights seem a similar kinda price as they were pre-pandemic, around £800 for a return with Emirates.

What About Temporary Skilled Visa Holders?

This is where Australia have finally done a good thing! Those on temporary skilled visas (489s, 491s etc) that have been in limbo ever since the borders closed can now enter on their visas. What's more is that three years have been added on to the deadline date of the visa. The worry was that people would not be able to meet the criteria required to apply for a Permanent Residency visa but this now eases that concern.

What is Required to Travel?

You need to have had two Covid-19 vaccinations and be able to provide official evidence of this. You also need to have a PCR test within 72 hours of flying OR take a LFD/Rapid antigen/Rapid Flow (it has all sorts of names around the world) within 24 hours of the flight.

Any Issues?

Yes, we have heard reports of people that were on 887 bridging visas from their temporary visas are now back on their Regional Visas (489s etc). The issue here is that the 887 is a bridging visa with no restraints that Permanent Residency applicants are put on while they wait for PR approval. People have moved out of regional areas and are doing things that the 489 visa restricted them from and they now have to move back to and work full time in regional areas to comply with the visa regulations. This could be an oversight by the government and will hopefully be corrected.

We're looking forward to see people travelling again and reuniting with family and friends they haven't seen in over two years. We'd love to hear your stories so get on our socials!