Artisan IPA review

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

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Lets do this, Bowen Island Brewing Co located in Vancouver have been brewing beer since 1989, they don’t add any preservatives or extra flavoring, keeping it nice and simple. They take pride in using the best ingredients British Columbia has to offer according to their website. Overall Bowen Island Brewing Co have kept their beer list to a short and sweet six for you to enjoy.

Design wise for the Artisan IPA, its looking great, their logo of the captains wheel really fits the brands identity. The deep moody blues used for color and several references to Vancouver itself gives the consumer a clear idea of where this is brewed. Personally, fonts are a big deal in catching my eye to inspect a product, the balance of fonts fit perfectly on this IPA.

This light golden IPA however is lacking in terms of taste, it felt more like an English style IPA rather than the traditional North American taste. Its lacking hops, that hoppy taste is the reason we drink IPA’s, it’s an adventurous brewing method which sadly has not paid off. However, when drinking this ale there are clear notes of pilsner and black malt, so if you are a fan of the more lager tasting IPA’s Artisan will work for you. There is an essence of grapefruit that hits you when pouring however not enough to compete with the likes of Flagship.

There are some positives to this review, this ale is cheap and has been by design. For a six pack your looking to pay around $8 - $10 which is a slight difference to your usual $12 plus for a six pack here in Vancouver. With a drop-in price I feel like your expected to have a drop-in quality which is reflected in this ale, sounds harsh but it is the honest truth. Artisan IPA is 5.5% which is a lot weaker than other contenders, this makes it a suitable ale for a day drinking session.

Mixed reviews overall with this ale, from the outside in terms of design it should be amazing but once cracked open there is a lot of disappointment in what I expected from this ale. Its perfect for those looking to buy ale on a budget that want the effects rather than the taste. With nearly 30 years of experience in brewing I was expecting more than what was delivered. Artisan IPA is available in six 355ml cans. Bowen Island Brewing Co if you are reading this I apologize, feel free to send me some free beer to help change my mind?

Overall rating 4/10



Beautiful design