Are Influencers Still Relevant?

What a time to be alive! We have hit the first hurdle of 2021, with 2020 been and gone its time to look to the horizon for that shiver of hope. Vaccines are now being rolled out in various countries with human civilization, hoping to have order and normality back in their lives. With normality comes the idea of international travel, the dreamscape of being able to pack a few bags, board a plane and disappear to a world unknown, is something we have discussed and is looking to be a prospect for 2021.

Where do influencers come in this? Well, influencers make their living out of travelling to 5-star destinations, hiring fake jets, and posting all and everything to Instagram to subtly remind you that, 'your life is shit'. With 2020 blocking most, if not all travel, what have influencers been doing with their time? Selling protein powder as an ambassador? Creating online courses on how to become an influencer/plague rat yourself? The options are endless, but given the current circumstances, it shouldn't be making a living out of international travel.

That drastic shed of hope within us would like to think that influencers are becoming somewhat irrelevant? The world has been too tied down and people are too busy sorting out their own problems to really pay little or no attention to them? A bold statement but who really has the time to watch your 'morning workout' on your Instagram story knowing there are real problems at large. Moments such as these should be a gentle reminder to not follow fucking idiots and look for real empowering idols, not the ones with the biggest tits.

Take away the travel situation and what are influencers, really? Just normal fucking people. They are you and I with a false delusion that somehow being useless has made them money. Perhaps they are smarter than you and I for making it this far and having extra numbers in their bank account, but for now, dignity is worth more than gold. Social media and companies obviously have a huge part to play in allowing the cockroach to live without its head. Allowing and sponsoring people based on nothing more than their 'influence' is a never-ending spiral as there are plenty of talentless people hungry for the desire to be famous, liked, and eventually, loved!

When international travel re-opens, no doubt influencers will latch at the opportunity to get their likes. A horde of travellers, not there for the real experience but just to post everything to their social media in hopes their audiences will come back to them. The game jumps back to the starting position, and social media and companies will flood their delusional desires to once again be king or queen of their following. A sad reality, but perhaps people or followers will be none the wiser and really not give a shit knowing that they have their own life to live? Hopefully.

This is a hard stab at influencers, they hold little to no importance to our lives. They have fucked how we see travel with glorified lifestyles subtle enough to make you feel like they are on your level when in reality, they are shitting all over you. When borders open and travel becomes an opportunity, lets us pray that influencers will not have their day and plug our screens with false, pretentious, useless content? That, of course, comes down to you the audience in allowing them back into your lives!