Another Blatant Stab at Influencers

It's Sunday, the surf has gone flat, the weather has taken a chill, a wild Saturday comprised a few beers and 5 hours of Monopoly, I am satisfied. I'm scanning the news after a quick Sunday afternoon nap (this is the life I lead) and I catch myself reading an article about how influencers are trying to survive during the Coronavirus pandemic. I am in awe.

This sob story shared the story of an Australian influencer who was forced to go back home after a scheduled trip to Japan was cancelled and forced to move back in with his parents. The article continues to explain how he has been making videos to compensate and still connect to his audience. The sheer desperation.

Got me thinking, how many influencers have had to give up their deluded dreams and come back to reality? No more travel, no more photoshoots, no more fine dining in $10 Thailand restaurants, no more balcony shots in Dubai. Maybe the world is so focused on their own problems they don’t give a fuck how an influencer fuck stick could barely survive with no travel.

Sounds bleak but at least there is something good to come out of all this horror, there's hope that the world, maybe, is waking up and realising influencers are unnecessary. There's a slight win at the possibility of influencers having to pack up shop and joining us norms in the rat race.

I am not completely morbid and have some sympathy towards influencers. Brushing off that resume and having to actually gain some skills besides makeup tutorials will benefit us all in the long run. How long does an influencers career actually last? There will come a time where an influencers fame will come and go just like the rest of us, then they will have to choose another career goal. You got to be cruel to be kind.

Arguably this sad rant is another blatant stab at influencers and the ‘work’ they produce. It's food for thought though knowing we can survive without the influence of influencers. It's times like these that have proved deep down to our core we really don’t care what content talentless talent can produce.

We are a long way off international travel. Hopefully, this extended break from travel is just long enough to drain the soul/self-righteous attitude out of influencers where they have to give up, learn a skill, and get in line with the rest of us. Time will tell.