7 Free Ways to Cure Your Self-Isolation Boredom

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Most of us are or should be self-isolating. The world is tipping almost upside down. Some of us are good at staying indoors and keeping ourselves occupied. Others get cabin fever within a few hours. You are not alone. Social distancing, one jog a day, and the closing of bars are making our options limited in how we spend our time. Below are some ways you can cure your boredom without breaking the bank during these uncertain times.

1. Nike Training Club.

Exercise and self-isolation will have a hard impact on our lives, especially if we are cooped up indoors. Not everyone has a home gym or they have basic equipment. Nike Training Club is a free app with workouts designed for both equipment available and fitness level. The best thing is about this app is that it is free and can even tailor a plan for what goal you would like to achieve. For those with no equipment, fear not, the app has a 6-week fitness plan centred on bodyweight exercises only. If you are new to exercise, this app would be a great choice as there are instructional videos for you to follow for each exercise. Don’t let isolation stop you from exercising.

2. Duolingo.

Learn a new language during your time in isolation. Duolingo is a free app that allows you to learn a language through interactive games and conversation. Keep your brain active with more than 30+ languages in short bite-size lessons.

3. Yoga with Adriene.

Although the Nike Training Club offers yoga sessions, Yoga with Adriene is by far the best free yoga on YouTube. There are videos for anyone at any level including 30 days of yoga catered for those just starting. Adriene is a great teacher, both humorous and knowledgeable, forever reminding you that should you fall “I will catch you”. The yoga itself is not pretentious, it’s fun and easy-going. Yoga has enormous amounts of benefits including increased flexibility and lowers stress and anxiety.

4. Draw.

Dust off the old sketch pads, note pads, and sharpen your pencils. Now is the perfect time to learn how to draw. Get creative with your time in isolation, spend just 30 minutes a day letting the imagination run wild. If you're looking for tips or need help along the way, tutorials on YouTube and an app called Sketch a Day to will give you that extra push.

5. Dual N-Back.

Give the old noodle a little workout with Dual N-Back. This exercise has been scientifically proven to improve your ability to reason and to solve new problems. This exercise can be a struggle and can take a few days to get acquainted with how the program works. It is satisfying when you make it to the next stage. For optimal benefit, it is recommended to practise for 20 minutes 4-5 days a week.

6. Start a blog.

Get stuck into writing and create your own blog. WordPress is a great platform to get started in blogging as they offer a free version. Stuck on what topics to cover? Think of areas you have a passion towards and what knowledge and experience you could bring towards a particular subject. Some examples while isolating could include books you would recommend, isolating with your children, how to stay fit within your own home, and learning how to cook, the possibilities are endless.

7. Learn an instrument.

Got that old guitar collecting dust underneath the bed? Now’s the time to dust it off. Not only will learning an instrument get your creative juices flowing, but you’ll also be learning and keeping your brain active. Dig into tutorials on YouTube on your chosen instrument and getting some help from sites like ultimate-guitar.com. You’ll be a musical genius in no time.

Think of your time in isolation as a way to try new things. You may find a passion you never knew existed. Seriously, don’t keep checking the news or scroll through your Facebook feed, it's just unnecessary anxiety. Keep yourselves occupied and find some enjoyment from the little things. Family time is important, do not underestimate the importance of being there for one another. Remember, we are all in this together!